11 Idols That Are Low-Key Style Icons

With such huge names in K-Pop fashion, it’s easy for some awesomely stylish celebrities to fly under the radar.

While many K-Pop idols are admired and followed for their fashion (EXO, BTS, CL, G-Dragon, TWICE, to name only a few!) as well as their stage talent, there are other entertainers that may be a bit underrated when it comes to their fabulous sense of style. Check out these low-key stylish idols that you could be following for fashion inspiration!

1. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar has got some serious airport style, down to the white trainers, patterned socks and suave sunglasses. It looks comfortable and stylish.


2. Yein (Lovelyz)

How sweet and unique is Yein‘s lacy midriff outfit, complete with dangling flower earrings?


3. Sunmi

Sunmi is queen of her own style, rocking patterns, ripped jeans and tank tops with simple block colors. Isn’t this ensemble simple, cute, balanced and slightly edgy all at once?


4. Jung Hae In

The actor looks sharp on screen and at industry events, but even on the street he’s got a unique flair to his fashion. The stripe down the side of his jeans is a nice touch, and his colors are blocked out well.


5. Gaeun (former Dal Shabet member)

Elegant, flowing material and a beautiful pale palette makes this a pretty outfit, but Gaeun finishes it off nicely with the black clutch and that cute headband that ties it all together.


6. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)

Narsha may have taken a risk with these patterned shoes, but the color pops against the black and white dress, which accents her figure nicely with the slit in the leg. The chunky star earrings work to balance the boldness of the shoes.


7. Zico (Block B)

On stage or off, Zico rocks layers, and his colors always seem to match really well. He definitely pulls off the casual stylish look, even chilling in his down time.


8. Hyosung (Former Secret member)

Hyosung knows how to dress up casual, and the red shoes and bag are cute accessories that show off her unique style. The red bracelet is a nice touch to balance the color!


9. Mingyu (SEVENTEEN)

Mingyu screams fashion with this wardrobe that celebrates shades of black. Even his shoes are detailed.


10. Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

She rocks the beret and the colors are beautifully combined, not only with her hair, but the white block shirt and plaid navy skirt, which has hints of green, white and yellow. Cute and chic, with the fur lining adding just that bit of class to a generic oversized bomber jacket.


11. Sumin (SONAMOO)

The Sonamoo leader is ushering in spring in style, down to the beautiful green shoes and simple drop earrings. She looks like a pretty flower herself!