These 11 Idols Are Being Praised For Their Classy And Elegant Vibes


These idols aren’t only immensely talented, they also radiate class and elegance wherever they go.

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

With her fierce eyes and elegant fashion sense, Jennie radiates class wherever she goes and whatever she wears. Whether it be sweats and a simple shirt or her sparkly dress, Jennie is fancy everywhere!

2. Mina (TWICE)

Mina is known to be one of TWICE‘s more quiet and reserved members, which has lead people to call her a princess for how classy she appears. She’s definitely “FANCY” (see what we did there?), and it radiates no matter what she does.

3. Lia (ITZY)

Lia is only 19 years old, but she’s already leaving her mark as one of K-Pop’s princesses, and she continues to show off how classy and elegant she is with every new activity they have.

4. Naeun (Apink)

Naeun is known to be one of K-Pop’s top visuals, and she manages to always hold herself with class and elegance. On stage, the idol manages to look flawless despite the choreographies, barely breaking a sweat!

5. Jaehyun (NCT)

NCT‘s Jaehyun has been praised for his princely visuals, and he certainly lives up to the title. Not only is he gorgeous, but he’s also a total sweetheart, which shows how kindhearted and mature he is! Are we sure he wasn’t royalty in his past life?

6. RM (BTS)

BTS‘s leader RM is known for being well-spoken and mature, and as he leads him, members, throughout their schedules (and even speaking for them during their UN speech), he truly is the epitome of class and elegance.

7. Sehun (EXO)

Sehun may be the maknae of the group, but that doesn’t stop him from showing his maturity, walking with his head up high no matter where he goes. Some have even said he looks like a knight in shining armor!

8. Irene (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet‘s leader is known for always being perfect, keeping herself serious and fierce for her members. Some say that her very aura radiates royalty, only proving that she’s one of the classiest ladies in K-Pop.

9. Jaemin (NCT Dream)

Jaemin may be one of the goofballs of NCT Dream, but on stage, he makes sure to hit every word and dance move perfectly, showing off his maturity and how hard-working he is. Get you a guy who can be both elegant and funny!

10. Krystal [f(x)]

K-Pop’s ice princess herself, Krystal, has known to be stoic and classy wherever she goes. Always dressed to impress, the idol and actress is never caught slipping and always manages to look picture-perfect!

11. Jimin (BTS)

This list wouldn’t be complete with BTS’s own Prince Jimin! With perfect dance moves, vocals, and facial expressions, his elegance radiates whenever his feet his the stage, and ARMYs can’t help but bow down.


Source: Pann