11 Infuriating K-Drama Moments Guaranteed To Piss You Right Off

You hate it but you love it.

1. When obvious ideal-couple materials, like Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik, take forever to say out loud that they like each other.

Yes, especially when it’s accompanied by amazingly lovey-dovey eye contact scenes. OR EVEN AFTER THIS ONE PARTICULAR KILLER MOVE BY PARK HYUNG SIK


2. In Stranger: when the government official told the judge to literally kill an innocent man rather than suffer political and financial crisis.

Like, Yoo Jae Myung thought he was a terrible human being for imprisoning a penniless grandma. But this is next level.


3. When people randomly die, oh so conveniently for the upcoming plot twist.

It’s gotta hurt, but is it like dying level bad? Not sure.


4. The “Hey, that guy you love is walking right behind you,” frustration.



5. When they both want to kiss but can’t get the right timing.

What do those arms do? What are they doing just holding those bags?!


6. When they take forever to recognize that their lives have been connected since forever ago.

You gotta put your memory on the treadmill more, cause, I mean, she even has the same hat!


7. In All In, when Lee Byung Hun decided to recover from multiple gun shots and become an alcoholic because he thinks Song Hye Kyo doesn’t love him.

She does, you idiot. GET BACK IN THE GAME ALREADY.


8. And that time Ji Sung tried to take advantage of his friend’s absence, to win over Song Hye Kyo’s heart.

That’s just plain wrong. He’s supposed to be your buddy. He’s supposed to be your ride or die!


9. When the annoying boss wanted Park Bo Young to diverge all her personal information for her gossip mill in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. 

She’s the type to gossip about you then tell you to go make her a cup of coffee.


10. When Joo Won had to overcome social norms just to say he loves Oh Yeon Seo.

He’s a catch, even for a princess!


11. When product placement had Ju Won keeping a serious disaster-movie level number of canned tunas in his main cupboard in Naeil’s Cantabile.

It’s like Baskin-Robbins but with canned tuna up in here.


Bonus round: When kimchi strikes back.

Everybody got mad, including the kimchi.