11 Jokes You’ll Only Understand If You’re A TWICE Fan

You’ll only get these jokes if you’re a ONCE!

Only ONCEs will understand these inside jokes, made by the TWICE members themselves or fans who love the girls’ personality quirks!


1. What did the music teacher say to the science teacher?

“You say we can’t live without the sun. I say you can’t live without Sana.”

In Korean, sana (사나) means to live, so Korean ONCEs have coined the saying 사나 없인 사나 마나, which means “without Sana, there is no life”. From there, English speakers noticed how similar this sounds with “No Game, No Life” and it has eventually turned into “No Sana, No Life”.

No Sun, No Life! No Sana, No Life!


2. What is TWICE’s favorite car?

Audi’s “TT”!


3. What are TWICE’s favorite jokes?

“Knock Knock” jokes!


4. What did TWICE say to the sad infant?

“Cheer Up Baby!”


5. Describe Tzuyu if she was a food.



6. What’s white and chewy in TWICE?

“Du-bu” (tofu)!


7. Sana and Nayeon, the snakes

There’s a snake line in TWICE! ONCEs call them snakes (hidden meaning: backstabbers) as a joke because members keep jumping from “ship” to ship. Sana will be “sailing” Saida (Sana/Dahyun) and the next thing you know, she is on board another ship, Satzu (Sana/Tzuyu).

Nayeon also moves between 2yeon (Nayeon/Jeongyeon) but at the same time, asks Tzuyu for a kiss.


8. Mina, speak louder!

ONCEs and TWICE members alike are always teasing Mina for her quiet voice.


9. What do you call Nayeon with bangs?



10. Who does Momo love the most in TWICE?

Trick question – Momo will never love anyone as much as jokbal (pigs feet).


11. TWICE’s pun song!

TWICE made a song about themselves, featuring all of their inside jokes and personality traits.