11 K-Pop Choreographies That Look Deceptively Easy But Are Actually Hard To Do, According To Fans

The choreographies look easy, but they are FAR from it.

One of the biggest charm points of K-Pop are the amazing choreographies that idols showcase for each comeback, and fans looks forward to them immensely! Some choreographies have fans stumped at how difficult they are, but some of them get even more shocked at how some of the easiest looking choreographies are anything but! Here are 11 idol choreographies that are delivered so flawlessly, you’ll have a hard time believing that it’s actually super difficult to pull off!

1. “Candy”- EXO’s Baekhyun

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

EXO as a group are all known to be amazing dancers, but there are some members more known for their vocals than their dance abilities, and Baekhyun falls into that category. So when he unveiled the dance practice for his latest solo track “Candy”, his flowy yet sharp movements made the choreography look easy, almost effortless. The fans who tried it out, however, have found that it’s anything but easy and effortless! The choreography is made with tons of small details, and is a serious workout for anyone who attempts it!


2. “24 Hours”- Sunmi

| JYP Entertainment

“24 Hours” is Sunmi‘s debut song released in 2013, and was immediately hailed for its sultry choreography that’s extremely hard to pull off! The mastery of the different points and moves required to execute the dance is noted by even Park Jin Young to be a very difficult feat indeed!


3. “Move”- SHINee’s Taemin

SHINee Taemin‘s iconic 2017 track “Move” was accompanied by an equally iconic choreography that’s been covered by countless idols everywhere! The smooth, suave moves of the dance look fairly easy compared to other choreographies, but fans believe that it’s one thing to learn the moves, and quite another to look good doing it, which Taemin and all the other idols completely mastered!


4. “The Eve”- EXO

| SM Entertainment

“The Eve” is a B-side from EXO‘s 2017 album The War, and while “Kokobop” was promoted as the title track, “The Eve” gained significant traction among fans as a title track worthy song! The choreography includes tons of sharp yet fluid movements, especially hip thrusts, and while it looks comparatively easier than most of EXO’s other dances, each move needs to be able to be done just right for it to come together in its best form!


5. “Rookie”- Red Velvet

| SM Entertainment

“Rookie” is Red Velvet‘s 2017 comeback track, and was praised for it’s highly addictive, repetitive singing of the word “rookie”! It was also praised for its choreography, which matched the song’s upbeat and fast vibe. The choreography involves a whole lot of jumping and quick movement changes, and is a serious workout for those who decide to try it out!


6. “Love Is Move”- Secret

| TS Entertainment

“Love Is Move” by Secret is the title track to their 2011 album Moving In Secret. Secret is known for their upbeat songs, and “Love Is Move” was no different! While the song got people all excited, the choreography also gained tons of attention for its difficulty! The dance isn’t too hard in terms of technique, but the energy level required to dance this to completion is another story entirely!


7. “Nonstop”- Oh My Girl

| WM Entertainment

Oh My Girl‘s recent comeback was with “Nonstop”, and it showcased the bright images of the group members with it its light and happy tune. The choreography looks easier than a lot of their other dances, but all the lunges and quick turns in the chorus cause many potential dancers to pause for a bit in their tracks!


8. “Boombayah”- BLACKPINK

“Boombayah” is one of BLACKPINK‘s debut title tracks, and as soon as they debuted, everyone was floored by the intense choreography that was seen with the song! Along with all the movements required to be executed perfectly for the choreography to work, what some casual learners learned was that the arm rotating part that was seen in the chorus part was extremely difficult, especially at the speed BLACKPINK managed to do it at!


9. “Love Whisper”- GFRIEND

“Love Whisper” is a song released by GFRIEND in 2017, and while all of GFRIEND’s discography is accompanied by some of the most intense choreographies, even the members of GFRIEND admit to how the dance for “Love Whisper” takes the cake! The footwork especially is incredibly hard to get down pat, even more so while trying to look good doing it!


10. “Dance The Night Away”- TWICE

“Dance The Night Away” is TWICE‘s first summer release, and the song continued the group’s trend of upbeat, light music. TWICE have consistently proven themselves to be amazing dancers, and “Dance The Night Away” has some of the hardest choreographies that TWICE has ever done, and is a total workout!


11. “Fake Love”- BTS

Almost all of BTS‘s choreographies are incredibly difficult for a casual learner to pick up, but “Fake Love” tends to steer towards the “slightly” easier end of their dances. This, however, does not mean that it is easy; in fact, quite the opposite! You have to be able to get everything right with precise control and execution (especially the arm movements!), or it just will not come together!

Source: Reddit