11 K-Pop Groups With More Than 2 Million Likes On A YouTube Music Video

K-Pop is truly taking over the world!

K-Pop is undoubtedly hitting in bigger and bigger on the international stage.

Much of this can be attributed to the growth of social media and the K-Pop industry’s impressive ability to utilise this. Consequently, sites like YouTube are fantastic platforms to showcase the talents and creativity of idol groups.

As K-Pop’s international outreach continues growing, groups are increasing in views and likes.

So far, eleven idol groups have been able to reach 2 million likes on at least one YouTube music video. Reaching such a high number of likes is one indication of how dedicated a group’s fandom is and how widespread their public popularity is.

Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG – 1 video

This subunit of Girls’ Generation consisting of the members who resigned with SM Entertainment have so far released only one title track so far, but ‘Lil Touch’ was the first music video from Girls’ Generation to hit 2 million likes!

Comes to show that the Nation’s Girl Group has still got it!

MOMOLAND – 1 video

“Bboom Bboom” went viral on YouTube and helped launch MOMOLAND into the national spotlight.

Red Velvet – 1 video

Red Velvet’s most viewed music video, “Bad Boy” was considered by many critics as one of the best songs to have been released in 2018.

BIGBANG – 2 videos

It should come to no one’s surprise that the Kings of K-Pop make an appearance on this list.

For many years, “Fantastic Baby” had been the most viewed music video by a K-Pop idol group and is now considered a staple of K-Pop music.

Furthermore it would be hard to find anyone in Asia who doesn’t know the lyrics or dance moves to “Bang Bang Bang”.

GOT7 – 2 videos

GOT7 has been leading the way for K-Pop’s international outreach.This is especially apparent on YouTube, where it is clear that they iGOT7 is strong across Asia and internationally as well.

They are one of the few idol groups to reach over 200 million views on a music video with “Just Right” and they also scored more than 2 million likes on “Never Ever”.

iKON – 2 videos

2018 was a fantastic year for iKON who experienced much success and international attention with their three-part album series New Kids.

B.I. showcased his talented skills as a songwriter and producer, overseeing the making of “Killing Me” and “Love Scenario” which touched viewers with its emotive lyrics that were easy to connect with.

TXT – 2 videos

TXT is only a few months old, but since debut they have already had two music videos reach over 2 million likes.

These include their debut release “Crown” and the song headlining their latest comeback “Cat & Dog”.

EXO – 5 videos

EXO has consistently made comebacks with high-quality releases that capture much attention from EXO-L’s across the world.

“Call Me Baby” has reached over 2 million likes while “Monster”, “Ko Ko Bop”, “Tempo” and “Love Shot” all reached over 3 million likes.

TWICE – 5 videos

TWICE is a household name across Asia with their catchy tunes and infectious personalities.

“TT”, “Likey”, “What is Love”, “Yes or Yes” and “Fancy” have all reached over 2 million likes, demonstrating that while we may come from different countries, no one is immune to TWICE’s charms.

BLACKPINK – 7 videos

BLACKPINK has the distinction of being the only group to have all of their music videos hit over 2 million likes.

“Boombayah”, “Whistle”, “Playing with Fire”, “Stay”, “As If It’s Your Last”, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” and their latest release “Kill This Love” all have over 2 million likes. “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” has a jaw-dropping 9.1 millions likes, highlighting BLACKPINK’s momentum as global superstars.

BTS – 17 videos

Topping off the list, BTS has an astonishing 17 videos with more than 2 million likes, spanning releases from many years. This shows that ARMY truly admire BTS’s diverse discography that touches on a variety of topics.

The list is definitely not short: “War of Hormone”, “Boy In Luv”, “I Need U”, “Dope”, “Fire”, “Save Me”, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “Not Today”, “Spring Day”, “DNA”, “Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)”, “Fake Love”, “Fake Love (Extended Version)”, “Idol”, “Idol (feat. Nicki Minaj)”, “Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)”, “Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) “Army In Luv” version” are all music videos that garnered over 2 million likes.

BTS also has four music videos with over 9 million likes which are “DNA”, “Fake Love”, “Idol” and “Boy with Luv (feat. Halsey)”

As K-Pop continues its global expansion, there were undoubtedly be more music videos and groups on this list!