Here Are 11 K-Pop Idols Who Helped Build And Expand Their Small Companies Into Successful Powerhouses

They pretty much singlehandedly saved their companies.

Sometimes, it can take just 1 successful artist for a K-Pop company to become successful. Smaller agencies have a tougher time getting their name out there, as well as finding ways to help their artists get more recognition. Here are 11 K-Pop idols who pretty much singlehandedly helped build and expand their small companies.

1. BTS (Big Hit Entertainment)

Big Hit Entertainment originally started as a smaller company, and some photos of their old building show that.

After debuting BTS, it seems that the company has only expanded each year. Their new building shows just how much the company has grown.

2. MAMAMOO (RBW Entertainment)

MAMAMOO debuted in 2014 and has helped RBW Entertainment grow. The company was even able to build a building in Vietnam, which was largely built from MAMAMOO’s success.

3. BIGBANG (YG Entertainment)

Yang Hyun Suk always lets people know that BIGBANG created YG Entertainment.

Comparing their old building to the current building shows how much BIGBANG helped YG Entertainment.

Old YG Entertainment building
Current YG Entertainment building

4. IU (LOEN Entertainment)

IU debuted as a solo artist in 2008 but didn’t get great success until 2010. After the release of her song “Good Day’, IU has established herself as one of Korea’s top solo artists, as well as one of the most famous actresses. All of this helped LOEN Entertainment explode and gain massive success.

5. B1A4 (WM Entertainment)

B1A4 had quite the difficulties when debuting, where they even had to practice below streetlights due to the lack of a proper practice room. The group eventually found great success and has allowed WM Entertainment to move a new building, as well as debut other groups.

6. Chungha (MNH Entertainment)

Chungha was the first artist to debut under MNH Entertainment, and she was revealed through Produce 101. She was quite successful on the show and got to debut as a member of I.O.I. After the group disbanded, Chungha debuted as a solo artist and is now viewed as one of the best solo artists in Korea. MNH Entertainment found their gem and was even able to debut a new group (BVNDIT).

7. INFINITE (Woollim Entertainment)

INFINITE struggled their initial days at Woollim Entertainment, where even their dorm had lots of issues. Their old dorm didn’t even have a proper closet, so the members struggled with organizing their things. INFINITE soon became successful and helped build Woollim Entertainment into the powerhouse company it is today.

8. Apink (Play M Entertainment)

Apink struggled with having a practice room when they debuted, where Play M Entertainment had only a small basement practice room. Now, the company has six spacious practice rooms for their artists to use.

Apink helped build and expand the company, to which the CEO isn’t shy to admit.

9. GFRIEND (Source Music Entertainment)

Although Source Music Entertainment was acquired by Big Hit Entertainment in 2019, GFRIEND is the major reason as to why Source Music Entertainment became successful. When GFRIEND debuted in 2015, they were the only artist under the company. Through the success of many of their songs, such as “Rough”, the company was able to expand.

10. BEAST/Highlight & 4Minute (Cube Entertainment)

Cube Entertainment initially debuted both 4Minute and BEAST in 2009. Both of the groups found great success rather quickly, and the company was able to expand shortly after.