11 K-Pop Moments Where “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” Is A Real, Serious Requirement

Sometimes, seeing is believing.

K-Pop history is full of too-crazy-to-be-real moments, but some are so surprising that they need photos and videos to be believed. Here are 10+ “pics or it didn’t happen” moments that were captured on camera.


1. When former US president Barack Obama mentioned SHINee in his speech

During the 2017 Asia Leadership Conference, Barack Obama mentioned this famous boy group while discussing a cultural exchange between South Korea and the US.


2. When SHINee’s Minho upstaged Melania Trump at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

These students were excited to meet the first lady of the United States…until they realized who was standing beside her!

If it wasn’t for this photo, it might be hard to believe that this meeting between Melania Trump and Minho really took place at all.


3. When EXO’s D.O accidentally turned this yellow squishy into an R-rated prop

D.O tossed this toy into the air and caught it in a way that made it look like a…well, something that made Chanyeol die laughing.


4. When Red Velvet’s Irene posed right next to Kim Jong Un

Who could have known that Red Velvet would become the first South Korean act to perform in North Korea since Cho Yong Pil in 2005? In April, Red Velvet posed with North Korea’s leader, his wife, and a group of other South Korean musicians after their performance at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater in Pyongyang.

Although the meeting between Kim Jong Un and Red Velvet is unbelievable in itself, this photo created quite the stir when it was released. In it, Irene is seen standing next to Kim Jong Un while the rest of Red Velvet is far off to the left. At the time, fans suspected that Irene might be his bias!


5. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s attempted kidnapping

In 2011, cameras captured an unidentified man barging onto the stage. He grabbed Taeyeon and attempted to drag her away with him.

The MC at the time, Oh Jung Tae, and Sunny were the first to interfere. The man was stopped in his tracks, and Taeyeon was unharmed if a little shaken.


6. When Red Velvet’s Yeri grabbed TWICE Nayeon’s butt

During filming for the 2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships‘ Chuseok holiday special, fans captured this priceless clip of Yeri going after Nayeon‘s behind. Fans already know these two have a strong friendship, but if this moment hadn’t been captured, some people may have thought shippers were just making it up!


7. When BIGBANG’s G-Dragon accidentally showed off his underwear of choice

This legendary photo was taken when G-Dragon bent down during a BIGBANG concert. To this day, fans still debate whether G-Dragon was wearing a thong or full underwear with a raised pattern that made it look like a thong. The world may never know!


8. When 2PM’s Junho broke 20 chopsticks…with his butt

This clip proves it!


9. When (former DMTN member) Inati accidentally punched Daniel in the face

During a live stage of DMTN’s “The Man Opposed” on Music Bank, Inati accidentally threw a punch that drew blood. As part of the choreography, Inati was supposed to playfully punch Daniel but he ended up socking him right in the mouth.

Daniel soldiered through the rest of the performance, even though he was bleeding!


10. This courageous rescue

In 2009, after SHINee‘s performance on Music Bank, the lighting support structure suddenly collapsed. One of the light fixtures smashed to the floor, nearly hitting Onew. 

In this moment of chaos, the Super Junior members rushed to prevent the structure from collapsing on top of Onew, while SHINee’s manager rushed to carry Onew to safety. This video just goes to show that not all heroes wear capes! 


11. J.Y. Park’s legendary pants

Some people may wish that pictures weren’t taken to prove this moment’s existence but, like a photograph, these pants are forever!