11 K-Pop Songs To Fuel Your Fire

These songs definitely won’t calm you down.

K-Pop is experimental and has a lot more to offer than just general pop. While there are many songs by our favorite groups that make us cheerful and carefree, here are a few songs that have influences of some heavier genres: perfect for when you want to release pent-up anger or stress.

1. “Side Effects”

Stray Kids is no stranger to intense-sounding tracks, but this one is sure to intensify your feelings from the first few bars to the very last yell.

2. “U MAD”

iKON‘s Bobby has an instantly recognizable voice that perfectly suits rage-filled songs like this. It’ll have you screaming “why you mad, son?” with each and every listen.

3. “Hate”

Don’t be fooled by the sweet intro of this 4minute song. When the chorus comes, the angsty beat will pound on your ears like a drum.

4. “Zero For Conduct”

This single by BLOCK B BASTARZ doesn’t want you to follow the rules or be nice, and is likely to fill you with a feeling of rebellion.

5. “BOSS”

This NCT U song is perfect for those moments when you’re feeling amped and powered up. Sometimes you just need to feel yourself.

6. “Agust D”

Agust D‘s tongue technology may make this song mostly impossible to rap along to, but the vibes will have you instantly bopping to the beat.


ATEEZ is undeniably cool. Listen to “HALA HALA” a couple of times and your confidence will soar with the members.

8. “HWA”

The baddest female rapper CL knows how to stomp out the opinions of haters: “you’re different and they’re wrong.”

9. “Crayon”

While this one is certainly not an angry song, G-Dragon‘s “Crayon” is a reminder that he is a bad boy, and you can be too.

10. “Paranoia”

Kang Daniel took a more dramatic approach with this comeback song, but there’s a toned-down restraint that melts away when he screams “behind,” and it’s ridiculously addictive.

11. “Gucci”

Feeling anything less than Gucci? This powerful song by Jessi will have you feeling superior in seconds.

Turn up the volume and allow these songs to bring out your inner badass. It’s cathartic, I promise.