11 Legendary BTS Moments At The Idol Star Athletic Championships

BTS is multi-talented.

As the 2019 Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC) are underway, it seemed like a good time to look back on some of the best moments that BTS have had in the competition.

1. Their first time coming to ISAC

BTS haven’t attended an ISAC in some time, most likely because of their busy schedules these days. Some ARMYs allege that they’ve been banned for violating a no filming policy but nobody has ever confirmed this rumour.

Their first time coming to ISAC was in 2014, though Suga couldn’t attend due an injury. They carried around a bear in his honor.

Jimin won a silver medal with his futsal team that year.

2.The Jin Ritual

BTS attempted to sacrifice Jin to the Bangtan gods.

3. When they won their first gold medal

At ISAC in 2015, BTS arrived with a full contingent.

It was at this event that BTS won the 4x100m relay for the first time! The team of Jimin, V, Jungkook and J-Hope proved themselves to be athletically gifted as they outran their competitors.

4. Jimin and EXO Chanyeol’s interactions

Jimin and Chanyeol end all fanwars whenever they meet and ISAC 2017 was no exception.

5. Suga winning gold for his basketball skill

During the 2015 ISAC, Suga won himself a gold medal with his basketball team, the “Gangnam Lakers”.

6. Jimin showing off his shooting skills

V never stood a chance.

7. When Jungkook, Jin and V showed everyone their strength

During ISAC 2015, BTS earned themselves a silver medal in Ssireum (Korean traditional wrestling) thanks to the strength of this trio.

8. When they defended their 4x100m gold medal for the third time

BTS won the 4x100m three consecutive times at ISAC, this was their successful defense of their medal at ISAC 2017.

9. V playing with SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s hair

V makes friends everywhere he goes and then he tries to hook them up with a new hairstyle.

10. When they performed a strange ritual

Who knows what V and Jin were trying to summon in this picture.

11. Jungkook showing off his abs

Finally, who can forget this truly legendary moment when Jungkook gifted ARMY with this picture?