11 Photos Of BTS’s Jin That Prove No Glow Up Was Needed

Some people are just born perfect.

We all know just how flawless BTS‘s ‘worldwide handsome’ Jin is! He has had the face of perfection since debut and these photos are proof that no glow up transformation was needed. When comparing his debut and current photos, there’s no doubt that he has been handsome since his birth.

1. Here is baby Jin at 22 years old in 2013.

2. Look at how perfect his features are already.

3. We can hear his laugh through this photo.

4. Handsome at its finest.

5. That side-profile though.

6. Close-up photos? Not a problem for Jin.

7. Here’s Jin now at 29 years old in 2020.

8. Do you see any changes from debut? We don’t.

9. The only thing that’s changed about him is his age.

10. A more upgraded sexy Jin that is.

11. He continues to hold the title of ‘worldwide handsome’ and probably always will.

Hello, Mr. Gorgeous.