11 Pictures To Remind You How Perfect The “Blue” In “Blueming” Is For IU

She’s truly “blueming”…both in talent and visuals!

IU is the perfect package; immense talent, perfect visuals and a great personality to boot!

She recently released the MV for her latest track, “Blueming”, and the MV was chock-full of colorful, vibrant hues of blue throughout, lighting up her talent and visuals in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. It was striking how much IU suits the color blue, and so, here are 11 pictures to remind you of how perfect “Blueming” is for IU!

1. IU looks gorgeous in this flowing, cerulean blue dress at an award show 

2. The lace detail in this baby blue dress makes IU look even lovelier!

3. This rich, deep-blue blouse truly matches the color of her character, Jang Man Weol, in her recent drama Hotel Del Luna

4. This royal blue blouse adds a nice contrast to IU’s white skin!

5. The inky-blue of this dress just makes IU shine even more!

6. This soft-blue sweater is a perfect complement to IU’s radiant image.

7. Jang Man Weol truly rocked this turquoise dress!

8. The softness of the powder blue dress truly suits IU’s soft personality!

9. This lacy indigo blouse looks so good on her!

10. This sky-blue blouse highlights her sharp gaze.

11. This light blue, floral printed blouse is the icing on the cake!


So many shades of blue…and IU owned them all!


Watch the MV for “Blueming” here!