11 Plot Twists From Netflix’s “Kingdom” Season 2 That Made It Seriously Worth The Wait

WARNING: Extreme Spoilers Ahead!

After over a year of waiting, Netflix‘s Kingdom Season 2 finally aired on March 13. Similar to the first season, viewers were treated to thrilling battle scenes against flesh-eating monsters and unexpected plot twists in every episode.

Keeping in mind that there are some serious spoilers ahead, check out the 11 plot twists that left viewers on the edges of their seat!

1. It’s not the sun

At the end of Season 1, viewers learned that it is not the sun that the monsters fear but the temperature. Seo Bi explains in Season 2 that it is because the resurrection plant, which is the cause of the disease, prefers the cold and hates the heat.

2. Lord Ahn Hyun turning into a monster

In Episode 2, Prince Chang, Lord Ahn Hyeon, and other elite soldiers break into Mungyeong Saejae, and Lord Ahn Hyeon is killed by Cho Hak Ju‘s men. The next day, Prince Chang asks Seo Bi to resurrect Lord Ahn Hyeon and make him a monster—something he had suggested before succumbing to his wounds.

3. Muyeong’s betrayal

Arguably one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire series, Muyeong is revealed to have been Cho Hak Ju’s informant. He was forced into the role when his pregnant wife’s life was threatened, and he ends up dying in Prince Chang’s arms full of remorse.

4. How they really defeated the Japanese

Lord Ahn Hyun was credited for miraculously defeating over 30,000 Japanese soldiers with only 500 men during the war. It was revealed, however, that the reason he was able to accomplish this was because they turned sick, innocent commoners into monsters.

5. The secret of the worms

Seo Bi’s quick thinking shines through when she saves Cho Hak Ju’s life by submerging him in water. Worms from the disease float out of his body, and he subsequently makes a full recovery.

6. The Queen poisoning Cho Hak Ju

When Cho Hak Ju learns that the Queen faked her pregnancy and the son does not have the Haewon Cho clan’s blood, he swears to take away her power. But before he can even step out of the room, he collapses and dies. The Queen had poisoned his tea beforehand knowing what his reaction would be.

7. The Queen setting the zombies loose

When Prince Chang storms into Hanyang to take his rightful place on the throne, the Queen decides to free the monster she had been hiding in the palace basement. She could not stand anyone else having the throne.

8. Seo Bi’s ingenious move

Knowing that the monsters hate the heat, Seo Bi saves herself and the baby by throwing a cloth of fire over her back and escaping.

9. Surviving the bites

In the epic final battle between Prince Chang’s army and the monsters, Prince Chang devises a plan to shoot the ice until it breaks so that the monsters can fall into the water. Before that can happen, however, he and the rest of his army are bitten, and all hope seems lost.

He then sees an unusually large monster and uses its weight to break the ice. They all fall to what seems to be their deaths, but the water instead removes the worms from their body.

They eventually realize that if they are bitten and submerged in water before they die, the worms can still be removed from their body.

10. Prince Chang giving up the throne

In the aftermath of the battle, Prince Chang is told he must kill the baby if he wishes to claim the throne. He refuses to do so and instead tells them to announce that he is dead. He quietly makes an exit.

11. Jun Ji Hyun’s cameo

Seven years after the terrible ordeal, Prince Chang, Seo Bi, and the rest of their team learn that someone is teaching commoners how to grow the resurrection plant and use it to bring back the dead. In their search for this person, the season closes with a closeup of actress Jun Ji Hyun. Viewers must wait for Season 3 to find out what her role exactly is.

By the end of it, we all had this reaction:

…but it was so worth it. Can one year please hurry up?