These Are The 11 Produce X 101 Contestants With The Most Views For Their Concept Evaluation Fancams

The trainees that people can’t stop watching!

This list shows the top 11 contestants of Produce X 101 based on their fancam views. This list counts views from the views from Naver TV only.

1. TOP Media’s Kim Wooseok

2. OUI Entertainent’s Kim Yohan

3. Starship Entertainment’s Song Hyungjoon

4. MBK Entertainment’s Nam Dohyun

5. DSP Media’s Son Dongpyo

6. Yuehua Entertainment’s Jo Seungyeon

7. Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Mingyu

8. Play M Entertainment’s Han Seungwoo

9. BRANDNEW MUSIC’s Lee Eunsang

10. iME Entertainment’s Lee Sejin

11. Woolim Entertainment’s Hwang Yunseong

Source: Pann