11 Reasons Visiting Korea Is Totally Worth It

There are a million and one things to do and see in Korea, and these are some of the best reasons to just get up and go!

1. To Go Shopping In Myeongdong

Shopping is great and skin care is even greater! Myeongdong is the hub of fashion, street food, and store fronts with favorite idols faces larger than one’s entire body.

2. Eat Some Amazing Food You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Whether you’re at one of Gangnam’s famous galbi restaurants or a kimchi-jjigae place personally recommended by TWICE‘s Jeongyeon herself, there is so much food as far as the eye can see.

3. To Finally Have Access To That Gorgeous Korean Fashion Scene

Scope your favorite fashion choices on a budget in Myeongdong,  live them on K-Star road. Visiting Apujeong-rodeo to see some of the most luxurious fashion spots in the city, all while walking along cute bears designed for your favorite idol groups.

4. To Visit Some Of The Most Romantic Places From K-Dramas

Get lost in love at Namsan Tower, or eating lamb skewers in Hongdae, or visiting that scene from Goblin where he brings Kim Go Eun’s character buckwheat flowers… there’s nothing like reliving the magic from all the greatest K-Dramas.

5. To Experience Gorgeous National Parks

Go hiking in Bukhansan Mountain range – there’s a hike for the outdoor lover or outdoor casual there. The mountain range surrounds Seoul and can be hiked in a circle around the city.

6. To See If You Can Drink Like A Korean Person

Korean drinking culture is no joke – and soju is a must at every meal. Learn drinking games and see how long you can hold your own before Karaoke with friends.

7. To Experience A City That Truly Never Sleeps

In some areas, nothing opens until noon and nothing closes until 5 am. Party your heart away in a country with an amazing night life scene.

8. To Eat Chicken And Beer By The Han River

It’s a classic, a must, a need. See the bridge light up and feel the cool air come off the river in the spring time with your best group of friends.

9. To Drink Coffee… Like… A Lot Of Coffee

Korea has more coffee shops per capita than literally anywhere in the world. Caramel Macchiato’s or just a black tea, frappuccinos or elderflower infused sparkling water, there is a coffee shop waiting to be called home on any corner.

10. To See Where The K-Pop Magic Happens

Visit Digital Music City to see a live recording of one of Korea’s hottest music shows. Visit SM TOWN to get lost in a holographic musical starring Suho and Irene (yeah, that’s real).

11. And Then Live It

Live in a city that lives and breathes K-Pop the way you do. Meet people who love idols and make friends over BTS themed T-Money cards or underground subway shops with more idol-themed socks than you knew existed.