Here Are 11 Of The Most Relatable Reactions To GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Steamy “Blow” MV

“He is crazy for this.”

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has released his new single “Blow,” and it’s safe to say he did a number on Ahgases. Not only did Jackson’s multiple talents as an artist shine, but he also delivered a music video that had fans appreciating everything from the cinematography to the costumes to the unexpectedly steamy choreography. Here are 11 of the most relatable reactions to Jackson’s “Blow” music video!


1. Ahgases getting whiplash from GOT7’s schedules

2. The cinematography was unreal

3. How does he do it?

4. This is art

5. He did that

6. A party you can’t miss

7. He didn’t have to go so hard

8. So Jackson musical when?

9. Corset Jackson is what you didn’t know you needed

10. How does he keep outdoing himself?

11. He gives Ahgases so much to be proud of!

If you haven’t seen it yet you can check out the music video below!