11 Struggles Everyone Has With Their Roommates, As Demonstrated By K-Pop Boy Groups

The roommate struggle is real.

1. When you have something everyone wants so they’ll just go ahead and borrow it…

BTS‘s Suga didn’t have any second thoughts about using J-Hope‘s bathroom just so he could take a bath. Whether it’s an article of clothing or even a bathtub, we know that if our roomie likes something their probably going to go ahead and borrow it.


2. … And they’ll return it dirty

We also know that when the item is returned or they’re done using said thing, we won’t get it back clean!


3. When your bed gets taken over as the #1 hangout spot

Two seconds before DAY6‘s Young K had said the bed on the floor was Jae‘s. Next thing you know it’s the place where everyone takes a nap! It honestly doesn’t matter what is yours, somehow it will be taken over by anybody else living with you!


4. When you will never be able to find what you’re looking for

Let’s be honest, some of our bad habits still hang with us even when we move in with someone else. So if you’re even a little bit inclined to messiness, the problem may just get out of hand. This in turn will make it nearly impossible to find anything! Just take a look at GOT7‘s messy shoe collection. Who knows how those boys ever find their own shoes let alone a complete pair of them!


5. When you just want to be left alone

Sometimes getting a little solitary time when you live with a roommate or two is impossible. It doesn’t matter if you’re tucked away in your room, clearly doing something, or sleeping, they will still find a way to invade your peace and quiet. Just look at VIXX‘s Ken. He clearly wants to be left alone!


6. Getting woken up by your roomies

Speaking of invading your alone time, your roommates will definitely ruin your sleep at some point. Maybe it’s when you’re trying to fall asleep and they decide to play some loud music or when you’ve finally managed to get some shut eye just to have them barge into your room, almost everyone who has had a roomie has experienced this annoyance!


7. The fridge may be full but they’ll still eat your food anyway

And how is it possible to have a fridge full of food but when you go to eat your snack it’s gone? You’ve tried labeling your food and even hiding it but it just doesn’t seem to work! But if you eat something of their’s get ready for a serious argument!


8. The struggles of having a lot of roommates who all need to do the same thing

Why is it that everyone seems to need to do the same thing at the same time. You need to charge your phone? Well, all the outlets are currently being used. Need to use the bathroom? Sorry, someone’s already in there! Eventually, you’ll come up with some creative way to work around these problems but until then you can’t help but feel the pain of this problem.


9. When you become accustomed to any of their weird behavior

When you first start living with someone, their unique habits and unfamiliar traits will bring all sorts of trouble. Eventually though, you’ll be able to put up with anything and won’t be surprised if they do something that someone else might think is strange.


10. When you’re trying to clean up a mess and get ignored by your roommate

Is there anybody who actually likes to clean? Probably very very few, but that doesn’t mean that you want to live in a complete mess all the time. When it’s time to clean you’ll likely split up the duties with your roommate but somehow you end up doing it by yourself! Then when you call them out on it or ask them for help, you’ll just get ignored.


11. When they do stupid stuff

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder about your roommate. Maybe they’ll do something so weird you wonder how they manage to have a social life or they do something dangerous and you end up wondering how they survived this long. Regardless, putting up with their strange antics is definitely a major struggle! And if you’ve never had a roommate that did stupid stuff, then you’re probably the roommate known for their silly antics.