11 Stunning Pictures of ATEEZ’s Seonghwa To Add Some Joy To Your Day

Is he even allowed to look that good?

ATEEZ is known for their incredible vocals, detailed choreography, and, of course, their dazzling visuals!

In particular, Seonghwa has caught the eyes of fans since their debut in 2018. With his charming eyes, razer sharp features, and adorable smile, he is known as part of the visual line but with an amazing personality to match.

Here are 11 photos of Seonghwa that showcase his beauty in all forms!

1. Everything Seonghwa does looks effortless but is so effective.

2. How can someone go from handsome to adorable in the blink of an eye?

3. He actually looks like an angel!

4. Everyone loves a well-dressed man in a suit.

5. If only everyone could look this good just casually taking car selfies.

6. Whoever was close enough to take this picture was a very lucky person.

7. Seonghwa looks flawless even when someone takes an impromptu picture without him knowing.

8. He manages to take the basic mirror selfie and make it look like a photoshoot.

9. Even with this moody feel, it’s impossible for Seonghwa not to melt your heart.

10. Can he please be our Prince Charming?

11. This comeback has definitely been good for all those Seonghwa stans!