11 Things Ateez Said That Seemed Like Fake Subtitles But Were 100% Accurate

No, they really said that!

The boys from ATEEZ are known for their playful and sometimes random personalities, making for some great content!

Here are 11 things the ATEEZ members have said which make you wonder if someone went wrong with the English subtitle translations!

1. Yunho has embraced his natural charm!

2. It is a serious question!

3. There seems to be something about ATEEZ and butts…

4. Be careful. You don’t want to hurt their feelings!

5. Mingi, how could you do that?

6. It’s the age-old mint chocolate debate again!

7. Hongjoong showcasing his talent of osmosis

8. That would definitely be a memorable moment!

9. We believe you Hongjoong

10. Is that what you really want, Wooyoung?

11. It’s because he is an angel!