11 Times Apink’s Naeun Positively Glowed In The Prettiest Gowns

Naeun’s amazing body-line looks even better in gowns!

Apink‘s Naeun is a gorgeous woman, whose well-noted for her regal, elegant visuals and pretty body-line! Here are 11 times Naeun showed up to slay with her visuals in a gown, and had fans shook at her beauty!

1. Her visuals in this dress are top-notch!


2. Visual queen!


3. This white dress looks like it was made for her!


4. Her visuals are unreal!


5. Naeun in this pink gown is such a gorgeous queen!


6. She’s a body-line queen in this outfit!


7. She exudes grace and elegance in this gown!


8. Naeun is serving top-tier visuals in this outfit, and the ponytail just adds to her beauty!


9. She’s looks like an angel in this gown!


10. This gown looks amazing on her!


11. Naeun looks so beautiful in this gown!


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