Here Are 11 Times THE BOYZ Made Our Hearts Flutter With Their Stunning Visuals In Their Brand Film

Their stunning visuals are made even better with their beautiful personalities.

THE BOYZ released a brand film “BE YOUR OWN KING” last week, and we couldn’t get enough of their stunning visuals. The behind the scenes footage was revealed today, and it just solidified that they are indeed gorgeous kings— even without video editing. Here are 11 shots of the members from behind the scenes that made our jaws drop from their visuals.

Hyunjae | THE BOYZ/YouTube


How he manages to look stunning just standing there with wet hair is beyond me.


The flowers are no match for his beauty.


He doesn’t need any neon lights when his charisma is enough to light up the night.


His dreamy visuals are a perfect match with his romantic concept.


With the way he’s glowing, he’s got to be a main character.


How could the vibes be anything but immaculate when Sunwoo is around?


He doesn’t have to make his own glory when he’s already #1 in our hearts.



He’s making money moves in that powerful suit, and we’re more than okay with it.


He’s out here stealing hearts— regardless of the time period.


How could you not smile when seeing his playful and youthful visuals?


He looks ready to take you on a midnight drive down memory lane, and we’re ready.

THE BOYZ are not only visual kings, but talented and personable individuals as well! You can watch their brand film below: