11 Times BTS’s J-Hope Was Tightly Embraced By His Members, Proving How Loved He Is

They’re too cute 🥺

As one of BTS‘s most energetic and bubbly members, J-Hope adorably gives a lot of hugs to the other members. That’s why it’s ten times cuter when the tables turn and it’s him instead who receives a big, fat hug from them.

Check out 11 times the BTS members gave J-Hope a tight embrace!

1. When the maknae needed a hug

2. When Jimin hug attacked J-Hope

3. When Jimin went all out (again)

4. When RM proudly showed his love

5. When their hug turned romantic…almost

6. When Jin needed some love and attention

7. When Jin basically said J-Hope is a hug machine

8. When Jimin did the easiest mission on earth

9. When the members sneak attacked J-Hope

10. When Jimin proved he’s J-Hope-biased when it comes to hug

11. And finally, when even Suga needed some skinship time with J-Hope

What we’d give to be able to hug J-Hope, too!