11 Times BTS’s “Parents”, RM And Jin, Bickered Like A Married Couple

Nitpicking, nagging, forgetting special occasions…Yep, they’re married.

Fans lovingly refer to Jin and RM as the mother and father of BTS because they work together to take care of their “kids” in different ways. Like real parents, Jin and RM love each other, but they also love to argue!


1. When Jin lost it on RM for not appreciating his gift

When BTS did Secret Santa one year, RM teased Jin about the present Jin had carefully selected for him. Jin reacted exactly like an underappreciated spouse would after putting a lot of thought into the “perfect” gift!


2. When RM made fun of Jin’s drawing

Well, teasing is one way to show your love, right?


3. When Jin scolded RM for living dangerously

There’s always one kid who loves to egg on his “parents” fights, and that kid in the BTS family seems to be Jimin! He encouraged Jin to scold RM, aka the “God of Destruction”, when he turned a stove on.


4. When Jin imitated RM’s snoring

During a recording session, RM once called Jin out in front of their “kids” for making fun of his sleeping habits.


5. When RM forgot about Jin’s birthday

Forgetting your “spouse’s” birthday is the kiss of death. Run, RM, run!


6. When Jin didn’t give RM the birthday present he wanted

In a live broadcast, RM complained that Jin didn’t cook him a special meal for his birthday. It’s not that Jin didn’t want to though. It’s just that Jin loves sleeping slightly more than he loves RM!


7. When RM complimented Jungkook’s visuals

Mr. Worldwide Handsome did not appreciate it when RM praised Jungkook’s visuals instead of his. Jealous much?


8. When they dissed each other’s dancing

Jin and RM aren’t considered BTS’s top dancers, but it’s not for lack of trying. These two members practice super hard to improve…and they love to make fun of each other along the way.

RM and Jin may diss each other’s dancing abilities…

…a lot…

…but it’s all just for fun!


9. Every time Jin criticized RM’s kitchen skills


10. When Jimin interrupted his “parents'” fight

Jimin loves to meddle, but this time he made RM and Jin hug and make-up after he caught them arguing about a song.


11. When they shared this kiss on Run BTS!

Some married couples aren’t fans of PDA. RM and Jin certainly didn’t want to complete this kissing punishment on Run BTS!.

At least, not in front of the kids!