11 Times Fans Embarrassed The Sh*t Out Of Their Favorite Idols

Prepare to cringe.

Usually, when fans and idols interact, fans are the bashful ones. When meeting your bias, it’s easy to turn into a blushing, babbling mess, but sometimes idols are the ones who want to die from embarrassment. Here are 10 times fans made idols want to crawl under a rock!


1. “I will sue Min Yoongi!”

Who will ever forget Suga‘s legendary fangirl? Suga doesn’t get embarrassed easily, but this brazen fangirl love had him tongue-tied!

The fan first started threatening to take Suga to court in 2014 when, during a fansign, she called Suga a “dangerous man” and demanded that he “take responsibility” for making her fall for him!

The first time this happened, Suga had no idea how to handle her.

Over time though, he came up with some typical Suga responses to her outbursts…

…like this one.

“I will sue Min Yoongi” eventually became a running joke.

This fangirl is happily married now, but ARMY (and Suga) will never forget her!


2. TWICE Nayeon’s blast from the past

At KCON 2018 in Los Angeles, one ONCE when the extra mile by wearing a shirt with Nayeon‘s face printed on it.

When TWICE saw the shirt, they burst out laughing because it captured one of Nayeon’s most embarrassing on-camera moments.

The moment when she stuffed her mouth with ice…

…not realizing she was on camera.

Nayeon cracked up when she saw the shirt, but she may have been dying a little on the inside!


3. BIGBANG G-Dragon’s kiss

This VIP is, in a word, “smooth”.

In 2016, this fan took G-Dragon completely by surprise by planting a peck on his cheek when he thought she was going to whisper something to him.

It took G-Dragon a second to process what had happened, but once he did he fell to his knees, overcome with bashfulness.

He couldn’t stop laughing!


4. Girls’ Generation Sooyoung‘s pterodactyl fangirl

Idols are used to hearing fans screams during live shows, but this extremely vocal fangirl is impossible to block out. Any time Sooyoung began singing, one girl in the audience screams exactly like a pterodactyl.

Sooyoung always manages to keep her composure, but damn that girl is loud!


5. The fanboy with vocal cords of steel

Speaking of loud, here’s one fan who doesn’t GAF about what anyone thinks. He shouts his favourite idols’ names at the top of his lungs…

…and it never fails to get a reaction! Some laugh…

…while others hide their faces in embarrassment.

His confidence is out of this world!

6. “Jimin is handsome!”

BTS‘s Jimin is always a sucker for compliments, but when fans began telling him how handsome and cool he is he became so embarrassed that he reached over and hit Jin to hide it. Unfortunately, Jin’s outburst just made Jimin even more embarrassed!

7. When a shower of lingerie rained on EXO’s parade

During Music Bank in Mexico, EXO had to refilm “Growl” because naughty fans wouldn’t stop throwing underwear on stage!

The members tried very hard to stay focused and avoid stepping on the unmentionables.

In the end, the production team had to clean up the stage before re-filming EXO’s “Growl” performance again.

8. When this “drunk” fanboy went crazy during Guerilla Date

CNBLUE experienced a hilarious, unexpected encounter with a fanboy while filming for Guerilla Date. 

The fanboy’s “performance” was so hilarious that the members asked him if he’d been drinking.

The only thing he was drunk on was CNBLUE!

That was one memorable meeting!

9. When this oddball Wannable stole everyone’s hearts


One spunky Wannable became a legend in the Wanna One fandom thanks to her absurdity and pure guts.

When it was her turn to meet the boys, this fangirl danced her way down the signing table while dressed in a bright yellow tracksuit with an Ong Seongwoo sign strapped to her back.

Her crazy show was all for her bias…

…but the other members loved it too!

10. When these fangirls danced up on HIGHLIGHT

Most fans are shy around their favourite group. Not these fangirls!

When these bold girls danced for HIGHLIGHT, they involved the members too.

They had no shame whatsoever…until they were given a taste of their own medicine!

11. When this passionate fangirl nearly ruptured 2PM Taecyeon’s eardrums

Taecyeon did not know how to handle this fan when she declared her love for him loudly and repeatedly!

She spoke so quickly that she was almost rapping!