11 Times Fans Unexpectedly Ran Into Idols That’ll Make You Super Jealous

These fans got a huge surprise!

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself face to face with an idol? Would you snap a quick picture, go to talk to them, or flip out? For some lucky fans, they found out exactly what they would do when they had a sudden and completely unplanned encounter with idols.


1. When GFRIEND made a surprise appearance

Two friends were dancing to GFRIEND‘s song “Rough” when suddenly the girl group swoops in and video bombs them! The moment was quite the shock for the two fans.


2. When these two guys realized who was stretching

These two guys thought they were just passing by a random person stretching but to their surprise, it was Lovelyz Jisoo! The best part is you can tell the exact moment they realized who they were seeing.


3. When a fan saw NCT’s Mark in Hawaii

Although this fan decided to give Mark plenty of space, they still captured the moment on camera when they realized it was really him!


4. When AOA’s Seolhyun left these ladies stunned

Seolhyun was just passing through the airport when she passed by these ladies. When they recognized her, they couldn’t help themselves from stopping in complete surprise. We probably would have done the same too!


5. When A.C.E joined in the dance

The dance crew AuroraKDC was getting in a little dance practice when a few wild members of A.C.E appeared. It just so happened the girls were performing to one of their songs and the boys joined in!


6. When someone spotted INFINITE’s L on the subway

Can you just imagine taking the subway when suddenly you find yourself across from a famous idol? In this case, a fan spotted INFINITE‘s L!


7. When IU was lost at the airport

One time IU was on her way to Korea from Japan and bumped into some fans at the airport. They caught the singer alone and a bit lost so helped her find her way! While doing so the fans got some time to talk to IU and even gave her a present for White Day! How amazing would that have been?


8. When a fan’s friend ran into ONF’s J-US

One fan got a message from her friend asking if there were K-Pop idols in town because they came across two people in Target that looked kind of familiar. The fan was lucky enough to get a facetime call with the idol even though the video feed was really blurry!


9. When someone spotted BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum on the subway

Looks like one of the best places to run into an idol is taking public transportation! One very lucky fan was able to run into not one but two major stars and snapped a picture for a keepsake!


10. When this lady was blown away by NCT

One lady was seemed to be absolutely mesmerized by the boys as they passed right by her. We can’t really blame her though, the boys are very handsome!


11. When 24K joined a flashmob

The group was in Poland and their fans had actually organized a flash mob to surprise them but the real shock came when all of the members lept into the group of people and started performing with them!

Source: @melaninporn