11 Times Female Idols Were Captivated By Male Idols’ Charms

Fans can totally relate to these reactions!

Having your own fan club doesn’t mean you can’t also be a fangirl! These famous ladies fell hard and fast for these captivating K-Pop guys.


1. Jungkook‘s aegyo won Heyne‘s heart.

When asked if there was anything the Golden Maknae couldn’t do, Jimin was said aegyo. Naturally, Jungkook had to prove him wrong.


When J-Hope pointed out how much Heyne had enjoyed seeing Jungkook’s aegyo, Heyne began to fan her blushing face.


Heyne liked Jungkook’s aegyo so much that she asked him to do it one more time!

Afterward she exclaimed, “Ah, that’s really good!“, while trying to call fangirl heart down.


2. SNSD’s Jessica lost control when she saw Jay Park‘s abs.

Fact: Jay Park isn’t shy about showing off his body. Jessica can vouch for this.


When Jessica saw Jay’s abs during a variety show, she covered her eyes…

..but couldn’t resist peeking.


Jay’s sexy dance set her face on fire!


3. Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona fell for Lee Seung Gi‘s charms during variety shows.

Lee Seung Gi’s crush on Yoona was no secret to the K-Pop world. For years, he had named the beautiful singer as his ideal type. The shock came when fans realized that the crush was mutual!


Yoona couldn’t contain her shyness when Lee Seung Gi patted her head.

Although this ship-turned-real-life-couple eventually sank, fans can re-live Yoona’s crush through cute moments like this.


4. IU fangirled over BIGBANG’s Taeyang…more than once.

When IU called Taeyang during a variety show filming, she could barely keep her cool.


When Taeyang showed up in person, IU completely freaked out!


During a music show appearance, IU had the chance to kiss Taeyang’s cheek…


…and reacted like she’d won the lottery!


5. KARA‘s Seungyeon couldn’t stop giggling while on the phone with G.O.D‘s Son Hoyoung.

Super Junior‘s Kangin said she had “hearts in her eyes” while talking about what such a big G.O.D. fan she is.


6. LABOUM’s Yulhee loves BTS‘s Suga‘s eyes.

During an appearance on Pops in Seoul, Yulhee revealed that Suga matched her ideal type. She loves guys with monolids and just can’t get over Suga’s!


7. 2NE1‘s Park Bom turned into a school girl around Taehyun.

Park Bom grew super shy while expressing her love for the former WINNER member’s visuals.


8. Girl’s Day‘s Yura and Sojin loved BTS’s Jimin‘s shirtless performance!

During the 2014 MAMA, Yura and Sojin couldn’t stop cheering on Jimin’s bold, sexy dance.


9. Red Velvet‘s Irene couldn’t meet SF9‘s Rowoon‘s eyes.

After Rowoon called Irene beautiful during their first meeting, she became flustered.


10. Secret‘s Sunhwa loves BIGBANG’s G-Dragon‘s push-and-pull personality.

While on Weekly Idol, Sunhwa sent a video message to G-Dragon, saying that she is really attracted to his charismatic personality.


11. Sunhwa isn’t the only famous lady crushing on G-Dragon!

Tablo‘s daughter Haru seems to have fallen for BIGBANG’s leader too. She sweetly kissed his cheek then, afterward, turned shy in her daddy’s arms!

Source: YouTube