11 Times Idols Comforted Their Crying Fans

Fans sometimes get a bit too emotional when seeing their favorite idol in person, but these idols know how to comfort them and make them smile again.

#1 EXO’s LayA 12-year-old boy entered the stage in tears when he finally got to meet Lay. The EXO member got up immediately and comforted the young fan by patting his cheeks and dabbing his face with tissues.

Later on, Lay gave him a hug and even let him take home a standee of himself!

#2 EXO’s KaiAs soon as Kai saw this fan’s teary eyes, he told her not to cry and asked the staff to get her some tissues. He kept on telling her to not cry anymore and listened to her attentively with caring eyes when she spoke.

#3 BTS’s JungkookJungkook interlocked hands with a crying ARMY and helped her calm down in the most adorable way.

#4 BTS’s JiminJimin spotted someone crying during a concert and said “Don’t cry” in English while gesturing for them with a sweet smile.

#5 MONSTA X’s I.MA girl showed I.M her nail-art of him and he was absolutely thankful and astonished by it.

Seeing how much he liked it, they burst into tears. I.M went down to her eye-level and smiled, while gently petting her and giving her a tissue that a staff member passed to him.

#6 TWICEA fan in the crowd caught all the member’s attention when they suddenly began crying. All the members looked worried and serious, staring at the one fan and wishing they could go down and comfort them.

Jeongyeon even started chanting “Don’t cry~!” and Jihyo begged the fan to “Please don’t cry~.”

#7 MAMAMOO’s MoonbyulAfter signing this passionate fan’s merch, Moonbyul quickly got her some tissues and even got up to give her a big bear hug.

#8 MAMAMOODuring another fan signing event, all the members of MAMAMOO gave a crying fan a loving group hug!

#9SuzyWhen a fan began crying after seeing her, Suzy was surprised at first and took the girl’s hands while pouting. She leaned over to rub the fan’s arms comfortingly and even gave her a “Fighting!” gesture.

At the same fan sign, another fan cried too and Suzy tried to use aegyo to make her smile.

#10 Red Velvet’s IreneThe girl wasn’t even in front of Irene, but she was quick to act when she saw the fan burst into tears. She looked all around her asking the staff for a tissue with urgency before handing them to the overwhelmed fan.

#11 Cosmic Girls’ JiyeonJiyeon kept on asking the fan “Why, why, why~?” when she started crying, finding the girl adorable. She then proceeded to make her smile by doing some aegyo!