11 Times Idols Were Totally Embarrassed By Their Family Members On Television

Even idols have embarrassing family members.

1. Yoon Jisung (Wanna One) and his younger sister

When Yoon Jisung called his sister on Produce 101 to ask how her birthday was, he wasn’t expecting her to answer the phone like his fangirl. She embarrassed him by introducing herself as the younger sister of the celebrity Yoon Jisung…

…and continued to speak in an overly enthusiastic voice, embarrassing him further. When Yoon Jisung ended the call he fell to the floor, defeated.


2. Yura (Girl’s Day) and her parents

During her time on We Got MarriedYura and her “husband” visited Yura’s home. They brought her parents robes as gifts, and Yura’s mom chose to model hers by comedically demonstrating how she would seduce Yura’s father in it!


3. Kang Daniel (Wanna One) and his mother

When Kang Daniel‘s mom came to visit him backstage, he embarrassed her by taking a whiff and telling her that she smelled like their cats!


4. Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation) and her mother

Years ago, Sooyoung‘s mother embarrassed her on television when she called Sooyoung out for being a slob. Sooyoung insisted that wasn’t true, but her mom wasn’t about to let her get away with it.

When Sooyoung tried to justify her dorm room mess by saying that her roommates were just as bad, her mom told her to pipe down!


5. Henry (formerly of Super Junior-M) and his sister

Henry once made the mistake of having a Facetime chat with his sassy sister during a broadcast. When the other guests asked her if she had seen one of Henry’s alleged girlfriends, she said that she hadn’t seen one…

…she had seen many! Henry scrambled to take back the phone and defend his reputation, but it was too late.


6. Henry (formerly of Super Junior-M) and his sister

During an episode of Where is My Friend’s Home?, Henry proved that embarrassment is a two-way street. When Henry caught his sister making goo-goo eyes at the handsome Zhang Yuan

…he stepped right between them. Flustered, his sister giggled then shook Zhang Yuan’s hand…once Henry got out of the way.


7. Hani (EXID) and her brother

Hani might be one of the most extroverted female idols in K-Pop, but even she can get (mildly) embarrassed. When Hani decided to take off her shoes and give herself a foot massage during a car ride with her brother, he indirectly told her that her feet stink. She, of course, denied it.


8. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and his mother

E.L.Fs love Kyhyun‘s mom as much as they love Kyuhyun, because they’re practically the same person. Their looks and mannerisms are so similar that Kyuhyun once embarrassed his mom by imitating her on camera.


9. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and his mother

Like Hani, Kyuhyun isn’t very easy to embarrass, but his mom took him by surprise when she enthusiastically ran over to him for a mother and son waltz.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also insisted on giving him a motherly peck on the lips rather than on the cheek!


10. Bobby (iKON) and his mother

When this badass rapper got a sappy cheek-kiss from his mom, he reacted much the same way any ordinary adult kid would: with a cringe and a smile!


11. Seo In Guk and his mother

To this day, nothing quite beats the moment when actor Seo In Guk found out the secret of his birth on Mamma Mia. When the show’s perceptive guests deduced that In Seo Guk had been conceived on the day his parents first met…

…his reaction was hysterical!