11 Times MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Showed Off His Amazingly Perfect Proportions

King of proportions!

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon is the group’s visual, and along with his super handsome features, he’s also noted for his incredible proportions! Here are 11 times Hyungwon was a proportion king, and had fans falling for his tall, lithe figure!

1. His perfect proportions look amazing in these photos!


2. King of visuals!


3. Hyungwon’s sexy side matches up well to his usually pure visuals!


4. This pink hair was iconic on him!


5. Hyungown’s amazing proportions are highlighted really well in photoshoots!

| GQ Korea


6. Even his casual visuals are unreal!


7. Hyungwon still looks crazy good even while doing…that.


8. His pure visuals is the perfect compliment to his unreal proportions!


9. Hyungwon in ripped jeans is a superior concept!


10. Hyunwon’s proportions are ridiculously perfect!


11. This simple fit looks 10 times better on Hyungwon!