11 Times Red Velvet’s Wendy Showed Us How To Own A Blue Outfit

We love to see Blue Wendy!

Red Velvet debuted with assigned colors to their names, and we have to say, each one of them suits their own color so much! Here are 7 times Wendy rocked a blue outfit, and served gorgeous visuals in them!

1. This outfit from “Pscyho” was iconic!


2. Wendy is so beautiful!


3. This “Dumb Dumb” stage outfit was so pretty!


4. Wendy’s such a cutie!


5. Another beautiful “Dumb Dumb” era blue outfit!


6. Wendy’s the queen of abs!


7. Wendy’s short hair is the best decision she’s made yet!


8. She’s so pretty!


9. Blue is seriously her color!


10. Wendy’s killin’ it in this outfit!


11. Wendy is a classy lady in this blue blouse!

Red Velvet