11 Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Chewed Adorably With Her Mouth Open & Made Everyone Question Whether It’s Really Their Pet Peeve

Fans are just happy to see her eating well.

Watching someone chew with their mouth open is one of the most common pet peeves out there. From the sound to the visual, there’s a good chance you’re one of the many people who dislike it. But somehow, when Red Velvet‘s Seulgi chews with her mouth open, it’s actually cute. Here are 10 times she looked so adorable enjoying her food, you’ll find yourself reconsidering how you feel about open-mouth chewing.

1. The bib makes it even cuter

2. Fun fact: Seulgi says she doesn’t like vegetables

3. Just look at her little dance

4. The bread was actually meant for the fish…

5. Even Gmarket thinks her eating habit is cute

6. Her smile is adorable

7. She ate Ryan’s chip too!

8. From Korea to Austria, Seulgi loves her food

9. She even eats like this at other people’s houses

10. She was very grateful for food in the jungle

11. She’s the only one who’s allowed to eat like this

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