11 Times Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Showed Of His Extremely Muscular Arms

His arms are just as big as his heart. ❤️

There are many things fans love about Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan, from his kind disposition to his incredible talent, as well as his gorgeous visuals! The time Bang Chan spends in the gym doesn’t go unnoticed either, as STAYs are quick to give compliments to his impressive physique, especially his incredibly toned and muscular arms!

Here are times Bang Chan showed off his muscular arms!

1. Starting off with a classic.

The face chain added to this total look!

2. STAYS went wild for this look overall.

3. “Case 143” era has been a blessing.

Everyone thank the stylist.

4. Like, seriously.

We love his smile too!

5. Wow

These muscles aren’t just for show!

6. His Manic World Tour Looks

7. Just look at him.

8. Flexing for a lucky fan.

Imagine Bang Chan showing of his arms to you!

9. Fansign Bang Chan is so cute, but the arms are distracting.

10. Quickly, what color is his hair?

Did you get it right?

11. Ending With This One!

This classic gym video is one of STAYs’ favorites!

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