11 Times Tzuyu Proved Her Undying Loyalty To TWICE

Tzuyu does a lot for her fellow TWICE members and she is devoted to ONCEs!

Tzuyu is a quiet member of TWICE in comparison to others, and she doesn’t always show her emotions – she rarely cries on camera and didn’t even get emotional when TWICE won their first award! But that doesn’t mean she isn’t loyal to TWICE and ONCEs! Check out some times she showed her loyalty to her group members and her fans.

1. When she broke down at the TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park concert talking about how she sees ONCEs as family

She started crying as she spoke about how thankful she is to ONCEs who always look after and worry about her like family. When she asked if any Chinese were in the audience and the crowd showed their love, she broke down crying, thankful that she had such love from both countries.

2. When she let Chaeyoung hang off her even though it wasn’t comfortable

During a TWICE broadcast, Tzuyu was bent sideways so that Chaeyoung could walk with an arm around her, even though it must not have been comfortable!

3. When she did an unscheduled broadcast because she felt bad about not talking to ONCEs about TWICE’s win

4. When she was the only one to support Nayeon

No one else wanted to go on Nayeon‘s team, but Tzuyu didn’t hesitate to show her support.

5. When she made a promise to ONCEs that she will definitely keep.

6. When she cried for the first time on stage thanking ONCEs, friends, and family at the TWICELAND concert in 2017.

7. When she said she would never lie to fans

8. When she happily comforted a crying Jihyo

9. When she said all she needed for Christmas was kisses from ONCEs

10. When she humored Chaeyoung and Dahyun’s game even though she didn’t look enthusiastic

Tzuyu does a lot for the other members to make them laugh, silently showing her support for her friends!

11. When she went to get a couple ring with Nayeon to celebrate their 100 days