11 Struggles That Only Filipino K-Drama Fans Will Know

No English subs yet? Guess you’ll just watch it raw, then.

When it comes to watching Korean dramas, Filipino fans are in a league of their own.

From binge-watching and finishing a whole drama in overnight to memorizing common K-Drama phrases like “eotteohke” or “ya!”, here are top eleven struggles that only Filipino K-Drama fans can relate to:

1. People calling K-drama lame

When your aunt who used to tell you to stop watching K-Drama because it’s “jologs” (lame) suddenly posts about calling Lee Min Ho her “oppa”, you know you’re actually making great life decisions.

2. No boyfriend? No problem

At least this way, your 44 “oppas” won’t cheat on you.

This doesn’t mean you don’t feel a slight twinge of hurt when you find out that they’re actually taken in real life.

3. “Just one more…”

You tell yourself “isa na lang” (just one more) when you know it’s a lie.

4. K-Drama episode stops loading when there’s an important scene

Did he confess to her, or did he not? The suspense is killing you.

Try unplugging your internet router, re-plugging again and refresh the video after 30 seconds to find out.

5. Video looks like it’s shot by a potato

The internet’s so slow, you can’t even see the lead actor’s pores or the villain’s trademark smirk since everything is all blurry.

6. Waiting a day after the drama’s release

Since you need the English subtitles to properly understand the story.

Maybe you’ll just watch it raw?

7. Finishing an entire season overnight

Study hard or start a new series? You know what to do.

8. Searching for flights to South Korea

It’s one of your greatest life dreams to go to your favorite K-Drama star’s entertainment agency.

Maybe you’ll run into them accidentally?

9. Getting shocked upon seeing the prices of flight tickets

Is it too much to wish for 6 kidneys so you could sell 4 without any problems?

10. Falling for the second lead

You know they won’t end up together but you can’t help yourself anyway.

11. Finally putting your laptop/phone to sleep

Time to rest your drama-watching eyes for a while so you can go back and watch again tomorrow!