11 Useful Tips On Blind Dates By Yoo In Na

Keep these wise words in mind for your next blind date!

1. Girls don’t like “funny” men. Girls actually like guys who can make them laugh.


2. When only one person in the relationship keeps in touch with the other, the relationship won’t last. Communication is key.


3. When you find someone attractive, you actually become smart.


4. Date someone who will make you a better person.


5. No one cheats because of loneliness. Cheaters will always cheat. Those who don’t cheat will never cheat.


6. If you catch your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating, consider yourself lucky. Thank goodness you found out he/she is a cheater before you two took it further, like to marriage.


7. When someone is good to you, with all his/her heart, be sure to notice it and appreciate it. When time passes and he/she is no longer interested in you, none of it would matter ever again.


8. Girls, find a guy who knows your worth. If you can’t find him, you have to change yourself. You have to love yourself and build a strong self confidence.


9. Share a small little secret on a blind date. Sharing a secret will actually bring you closer.


10. Yellow isn’t the best color to wear on a blind date. And evening is the best time to go on a blind date.


11. Even the most romantic love story can end with a simple break-up. Don’t be too heartbroken over a blind date that didn’t go well. You’ll be fine!

Source: Dispatch