11 WTF Korean Commercials That Actually Aired On TV

These are some of the oddest commercials to ever run on Korean television.

1. S-Line Condensing

S-Line Condensing is a gas boiler that is used to heat water in a house. The rabbits? We’re not certain why they’re there.

2. Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power

This uh… the suggestive product is used for exercise when uses a thrusting motion to work out the body.

3. Xylitol

Chewing gum has a special place to Finnish people in Korea. When Korean’s here about Finland, they associate chewing gum and the phrase “Hyvä, hyvä” – a phrase used by “the man in green”. Yep.

4. Android Korea

The baby of the Android phone, Korea first introduced the SKTelecom phone with this commercial.

5. Pizza Hut

There’s a special Pizza Hut dance you probably didn’t know about but need to. There’s even a tutorial for those who want to get on their feet!

6. Banana Milk

Everyone knows Korean’s love banana milk, but who know they loved it this much?

7. Kang Suni, Farts and Poops

This doll makes farting noises and even goes to the bathroom after you feed it. This commercial is a little unsettling (read: uncanny valley) because it moves on its own…

8. Sunup

Blythe, the doll featured in this commercial, has the ability to move on its own and grow and shrink throughout the day as it pleases.

9. Ragnarok

Unnecessary violence from teenage girls only explained by the end.

10. Popeyes

The only way anyone should experience their seafood meal at Popeyes.

11. Durex Condoms

This man, really, truly, makes his house “earthquake proof” before his girlfriend comes over. He even tapes down the foliage outside. Seriously.

12. BONUS: No words can describe this Ramen commercial