Here Are 12+ Best Tweet Reactions To DAY6’s “You make Me” Music Video

BRB just crying!

After a year, DAY6 has come back with their latest song, “You make Me,” from their album, The Book of Us: Negentropy. It marks the first release with all five members after Sungjin and Jae took some time off for their health.

As expected, the song is emotional, inspiring, and everything we wanted and more! Here are 15 of the best tweets reacting to DAY6’s comeback.

1. It seems as if the spoiler fairies gave fans some solid hints!

2. My Days really become emotional seeing Sungjin and Jae again.

3. There is no denying that Wonpil is a musical genius.

4. It’s once again time to try and figure out the meaning behind the music video.

5. Even if you have no idea about the plot, enjoy the cinematic masterpiece.

6. No matter what happens, DAY6 is always there for fans.

7. Remember that Dowoon isn’t the leader of Even of Day for no reason.

8. It’s the small details that make fans emotional!

9. It should be unfair to have a whole group of visuals!

10. We all need a hug after being blessed with this song.

11. It might be the end of this series, but it is the start of a new story!

12. For the fans, it is just emotional to see OT5 back together.

Make sure to watch DAY6’s new video for “You make Me” below.

Source: DAY6