Here Are 12 Of The Coolest BTS Fan-Choreographed Dance Covers

BTS fans are talented choreographers!

BTS dances are fun to watch – they’re skillfully made, wonderfully executed by the boys, and have captivated millions across the globe. Not all of their songs, of course, have choreographies, so sometimes fans go the extra mile and create dances for these songs themselves, and the results can be really impressive! Other times, choreographers take BTS songs that do already have dances and add their own twist and style in a new, unique dance that BTS would certainly love. Here are 12 fan-made BTS choreographies for you to enjoy!

1. This swaggy original dance for “UGH!” created by LIGI at VIVA Dance Studio

2. This hard-hitting choreography for “Not Today” by Dokteuk Crew at 1MILLION Dance Studio

3. This sweet and popping dance created by Jin.C at MOVE Dance Studio for J-Hope’s “Just Dance”

4. This adorable couple dance that is perfect for “Boy With Luv” created by Bengal at 1MILLION Dance Studio

5. This incredible choreography by J-HO at JustJerk Dance Academy that BTS should totally use for “HOME”

6. This bad-ass dance by Jane Kim at VIVA Dance Studio for “GoGo” that has a much different vibe than the original

7. This incredible Taekwondo-infused dance for “Blood Sweat & Tears” by K-Tigers that will have everyone sweating just by watching

8. This swaggy cover of Suga’s “Agust D” by dsomeb that the rapper would totally approve of

9. This intense choreography that suits “DDAENG” perfectly by LIGI at VIVA Dance Studio

10. This sweet choreography for “Make It Right” by K-Lucy at VIVA Dance Studio that is good for beginners

11. This elegant dance by Kimi Ziro at LJ Dance for “Inner Child”

12. This smooth-flowing choreography for “Seesaw” by Jin.C at MOVE Dance Studio