12 Cutest Wonho Moments From The “LOSE” MV Making Film

He goes from 😏 to 😊 real fast!

Soloist Wonho has a reputation for being a sexy performer with a masculine physique to match. His personality, on the other hand, is so sweet that it contrasts this image. He’s actually as cute as a bunny! Here are 12 GIFs of Wonho just being himself that are so adorable that it’ll leave no question why we all love him so much.

1. When he and his backup dancers cleaned each other’s backs

2. Why so serious?

3. His excited cheering!

4. Somehow he made getting tied up in chains look adorable

5. When he made a splash!

6. When he couldn’t wait to get out of the cold water 🥶

7. When he literally turned his face into 😆

8. When he helped his backup dancer up from a spill

9. When he made his eyebrows do the dancing

10. When he expressed gratitude to his team

11. When he was low-key grossed out by his glowing “mouthguard”

12. When he thanked the crew for their hard work

You can watch the full behind-the-scenes video below.

Source: WONHO and Melon