12 Female Idols Who Totally Crush Both Cute And Sexy Concepts

Queens of duality!

It’s hard to believe that anyone could be both sexy and cute. Usually, it’s one or the other but there are a few female idols who can pull off both so flawlessly that they’ll give you a heart attack with their adorable antics and beyond sexy auras. From the sexy queens to cute as a button idols, here are just a few of the girls that prove sexy and cute can go hand in hand!


1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

From being the sexy Sprite girl…


To her beyond hot performances, Jennie easily pulls off a sexy concept.


But at the drop of a hat, Jennie can turn on her cute charms.


And make all our hearts melt!


2. Sana (TWICE)

Sana has earned the nickname sexy-cute because she’s…well…sexy and cute!


Seriously, she’s cute as a button!


And then when she’s on stage she’ll set you on fire!


Although she doesn’t even need to be performing to do so…


3. Joy (Red Velvet)

From the moment Joy debuted she’s stunned us with her duality.


She has a sweet personality that makes her seem even more adorable.


But at the same time, there’s something undeniably stunning about her!


And when she hits the stage, it’s all over!


4. Hani (EXID)

Hani has been the queen of sexy concepts for a while now.


Just think of the famous fancam that helped EXID skyrocket to fame!


Yet, she’s easily one of the cutest idols around too!


Just watch any variety show with her on it and you’ll be convinced that she can pull off both concepts with ease!


5. Suzy

There is a reason why Suzy is called the “Nation’s First Love.”


She’s always giving off major goddess visuals.


Of course, she’s also extremely cute!


First love, indeed!


6. Seolhyun (AOA)

Jennie isn’t the only sexy Sprite girl. First, there was Seolhyun!


Her stunning figure has always left fans speechless.


And yet Seolhyun has one of the sweetest smiles around…


Which adds to her cuteness!


7. Kyungri (Formerly of 9MUSES)

Kyungri is beyond stunning!


And when she decides to try the sexy concept, you better prepare your heart!


Of course, you also better prepare yourself when she decides to act cute.


Because it’s equally as devastating!


8. HyunA

It’s hard to imagine the sexy queen doing anything cute.


Especially since she’s so good at sexy concepts!


But given the chance, she’ll leave you speechless with her cuteness.


Serious cuteness overload!


9. Bora (Formerly of SISTAR)

Bora is one idol who has always stunned fans with her sexy and cute concepts.


One moment she can set the world ablaze…


And the next, she’s being too adorable for words!


How does she do it?


10. Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

Sunny has been showing off her aegyo skills since day one.


And they are so, so good.


But Sunny isn’t all aegyo goodness…


When she cranks up the heat, you better be careful or you’ll get burned!


11. Mijoo (Lovelyz)

Mijoo‘s ability to steal hearts is astounding!


You better watch out because Mijoo can easily flip the switch from sexy…


To cute!


And there’s no going back.


12. Solar (MAMAMOO)

We’re not sure how Solar does it.


One minute she’s beyond sexy…


And the next she’s acting super cute.


Talk about giving a person a heart attack!