12 Funniest BTS Moments That We Think About A Lot

These boys know how to have fun.

Although BTS is known for their power and influence through their music, they also know how to make fans laugh while having fun!

From their own variety shows to interviews, these guys are naturals when it comes to humor.

Let’s take a look at some funny moments that can help lift your mood instantly!

1. Jin’s attempt at making pottery

Jin can’t stop laughing as his pottery wheel goes out of hand!

2. Another day, another Namjoon moment

At this point are we even surprised about this?

3. Drunk BTS is the best BTS

The fact that they can have so much fun talking about a pot lid says a lot.

4. Simple is best

While the members are pouring out their heart with their messages, RM takes it up a notch with a rather short yet sweet translation.

5. Visual and comedy king

V is well-known for being able to say some of the funniest things in the most serious way!

6. Tae-shooked

V misunderstanding Jimin saying “beach” will always be iconic.

7. BTS is always taking interviews to the next level

Sometimes it’s even hard for RM to handle the members!

8. J-Hope’s ‘Despacito’

No caption needed for this one!

9. Playing ‘Hot Potato’ with the mic

The members all trying to avoid getting the mic never gets old.

10. BTS just being BTS

These guys know how to have a good time.

11. “I don’t know anything”

When RM spoils something again and Jimin acting like he doesn’t know a thing.

12. Best actor

I think we need actor J-Hope to happen soon!

What are some funny BTS moments that you can’t help but re-watch?