12 Game Punishments That Made You Laugh At BTS’s Suffering

It’s impossible not to laugh.

Sometimes BTS‘s games end with the losers cleaning up after the winners. Other times the stakes are much higher!


1. Jungkook’s Butt Slaps

Getting a butt slap punishment is bad enough, but that punishment is amplified by 1000x when Jungkook is giving it. This muscle pig never holds back. He slapped J-Hope so hard that everyone heard it!

RM was supposed to be the one punishing Jin but, unbeknownst to Jin, Jungkook stepped in. After a slap like that, Jin knew something was up, but Jungkook played innocent.

After that prank, RM should have known better than to trust his members. He even told Jungkook not to hit him, but Jungkook still switched places with Jin and delivered a powerful smack!


2. BT21 cosplays

Suga often takes on the role of MC on Run BTS!, probably to avoid penalties like this! He struggled through various games while dressed as Jimin’s BT21 character Chimmy

…and again as Jin’s alpaca, RJ!

Jin has also suffered a BT21 punishment. Pink is his favourite colour, but wearing that Cooky costume might have considered changing his mind!


3. Jin’s historic airport fashion

Jin trended in Korea after appearing at an airport dressed in full hanbok when BTS traveled to Hong Kong to perform at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards.


Fans expect the unexpected from Jin, but this particular outfit choice was his punishment for losing two rounds of Run BTS! games: a jumping photo shoot challenge and a spot-the-difference puzzle. If Jin had not lost, Suga would have been the one to wear the hanbok!


4. Crossdressing

Before Run BTS! there was Rookie King and Rookie King was a big fan of putting the Bangtan Boys in ladies’ wear, usually as punishment for losing the endplate king game. Who could forget Sailor RM…

…Miss Jin…

…or ladybug fairy V?

Let’s all take a moment to remember that iconic moment when Maid Suga said, “hip-hop is dead”.


5. Stocking Face

When RM and V smooshed their gorgeous visuals with stockings…

…the members nearly laughed themselves to death!


6. Kisses

The BTS members love each other, but none of them are crazy about kiss punishments. During Run BTS! Jimin struggled to give V a peck on the cheek…

…Jin had to slap himself silly before smooching RM…

…and J-Hope and V totally freaked out when they had to lock lips on Rookie King!


7. Climbing a mountain

RM had to get out of bed before dawn to hike up Achasan Mountain in the freezing cold after losing a game of BTS monopoly during Run BTS!. V didn’t have to take this punishment but decided to join RM on his hike anyway.

Thankfully, Jin eased their pain by packing them delicious food!


8. Climbing another mountain

After losing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors during a road trip on Run BTS!, Jin and Jimin had to scale a mountain to get to their destination.


Talk about a punishment not fitting the crime!


9. Jin’s Wasabi

Jin once had to eat wasabi as a punishment for losing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to Jungkook. Watching Jin consume his spicy penalty was funny, but Jungkook’s reaction made it hilarious!

10. Wrist slaps

After Jungkook lost a bottle cap game, each of the BTS members slapped his wrist as hard as they could! This maknae often picks on his older members, so if they see an opportunity to get back at him, they’ll take it!


11. Drinking nasty stuff

For the sake of games, BTS has ingested some pretty disgusting beverages over the years. For a Russian roulette style penalty, the staff prepared six yummy drinks and one smoothie of death. J-Hope was the unlucky loser!

V has also fallen victim to the staff’s nasty drinks. He had to swallow a cup of pure garlic juice after losing a water challenge on Run BTS!.


12. This icy plunge

If a dip in a cold lake doesn’t wake you up in the morning, nothing will! Jungkook, Jin, and J-Hope held hands and waded out into the water together, while their members watched.