12 Gifts ONCEs Gave Tzuyu’s For Her 20th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Tzuyu!

This year, Tzuyu is turning the big 2-0 (Korean age) on June 14 and ONCEs are already celebrating the occasion in a number of meaningful ways. Here are just some of the many birthday presents Tzuyu’s fans have given her this year (so far!).


1.  Subway Station Birthday Advertisement in Bangkok

This banner can be seen at the Sukhumvit Train Station in Bangkok.


2. Donation to TNR.Animal and HOTAC Heart of Taiwan Animal Care

Both donations were from TZUYU TAIWAN FAN UNION, in Tzuyu’s name.


3. This blood donation event

Yet another birthday surprise from, TZUYU TAIWAN FAN UNION!


4. Donation to Taiwan Treehugger Association

TZUYU TAIWAN FAN UNION really showered Tzuyu in presents this year!


5. Birthday banner in Gangnam Station


6. Birthday banner at Hongik University Station


7.  Birthday advertisement in Tokyo, Japan


8. This blood donation project in Vietnam

Tzuyu’s Vietnam fan union celebrated Tzuyu’s birthday with this blood donation project.


9. Birthday event in Singapore

FOR TWICE SG (@fortwicesg), a group of Singaporean ONCEs, organized this event for Tzuyu.


10. This Tzuyu advertisement in Hongdae


11. This birthday event at the NU Sentral mall, in Malaysia


12. This birthday event in Vietnam

The event was organized by TzuyuVN.