23 Of Go Joon Hee’s Most Sexual Photoshoots

Actress Go Joon Hee has had her share of sexy photo shoots for magazines such as CeCi, High Cut, and Grazia. Check out some of her hottest ones here!


1. Hotel Shoot

Go Joon Hee gives the camera a bold, seductive look while posing in jeans and lingerie.


2. White Dress

She looks both elegant and sexy during this CeCi shoot.


3. Underwear and Heels

For Grazia, Go Joon Hee turned up the heat in this black ensemble.


4. Posing with her “husband”, Jinwoon (2AM).

She did this sexy couples shoot during We Got Married.


5. And intimate moment with Park Hae Jin.

These gorgeous models were perfectly paired in this steamy photo shoot!


6.  Bedtime

Go Joon Hee and Park Hae Jin look so comfortable together that they could easily pass for a real couple!


7. Bathing Beauty

She proved that one-piece bathing suits can be just as hot as bikinis in this BARREL photo shoot.


8. Calvin Klein

Go Joon Hee left fans breathless when she posed topless for this shoot.


9. Black and White

Doesn’t everyone wish they looked this good first thing in the morning?


10. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

…Go Joon Hee is the fairest one of all!


11. Gorgeous for Grazia

Go Joon Hee showed off her flawless skin and beautiful body for this lingerie shoot.


12. Sexy for CeCi

She showed off her beautiful bust and curves in this CeCi shoot.


13. Sweater Weather

That sweater isn’t doing its job (keeping her warm), but we’re okay with that.


14. Elle

Go Joon Hee revealed her long, slender leg and toned chest in this Elle shoot.


15. Sexy in Satin

Go Joon Hee is the most precious treasure in this richly decorated room.


16. Overnight Trip

Once again Go Joon Hee and Park Hae Jin show just how sexy they can be together, during a hotel shoot.


17. Couple Shoot

Go Joon Hee and this handsome model got up close and personal during an Elle shoot.


18. Fitness Goddess

Maintaining this glamourous figure must take a lot of work, but the results are well worth it!


19. Vintage Queen

Go Joon Hee rocks vintage prints and costume jewelry in this bright and colourful photo shoot.


20. Flawless

The soft, natural lighting highlights just how perfectly smooth Go Joon Hee’s skin is.


21. Lounging in Lingerie

Between her pose and her outfits, Go Joon Hee couldn’t look sexier here!


22. Legs for Days

Go Joon Hee showed off her incredibly long legs while modeling fitness wear.


23. Rock Star

During this shoot with DAZED, Go Joon Hee rocked a bold, edgy look.

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