12 Of the Most Iconic Hairstyles V Rocked Through The Years

The most interesting bowl cut in 8 versions!

BTS V‘s hair has undergone many changes in style and color, but some have made their mark in ARMY’s memories through the years. As a tribute to his fantastic style evolution, here are the most iconic hairstyles V has masterfully slayed in no particular order.

1. Bowl cut with red and blonde streaks

In a photo shoot for their fourth mini-album, “The most beautiful moment in life pt. 2,” V’s luscious locks were streaked in blonde and auburn, a look he pulled off well with his half smile and innocent eyes.

| BTS / Facebook

2. Still a bowl cut but the light auburn color this time

V’s casual and sporty style won hearts at Chuseok Special 2015 Idol Star Athletics Wrestling Basketball Futsal Archery Championship. The black headband looked flattering on him and contrasted nicely against his light auburn hair color.

| BTS / Facebook

3. Black locks look dope on V

Who said the bowl cut was standard and boring? Here’s the same bowl cut curled and dyed in black for the “Dope” MV shoot. V’s penetrating gaze with his mysterious grin can hypnotize viewers into staring at this photo longer than necessary. Or, just maybe, it IS necessary to stare longer.

| BTS / Facebook

4. Blonde locks for the Wings Concept Photo Shoot

V  is such a pro at showing off his best angles; this photo is one example. His dark brows contrast nicely with his blond locks, with bangs parted to show off a bit of his forehead.

| BTS / Facebook

Here’s another photo from the same photo shoot.

| BTS / Facebook

5. Looking young forever in carrot locks

Carrot red is a tricky hair color to pull off, but V wasn’t sweating when he posed for their “Young Forever” photo shoot. One question, though, was the lip bite necessary, V?

| BTS / Facebook

6. Blondes truly have more fun

V stuns in this very light shade of blonde, an almost platinum hue that gave a somewhat ethereal quality to V’s features. This is one of his best looks, as it plays up well against his skin tone. It’s the same bowl cut but still so distinct.

| BTS / Facebook

7.  The prettiest mullet

One of the most memorable hairstyles V could ever pull off was the dark mullet, which was his hairstyle during the “Fake Love” era. V’s serious gaze and dark locks match the song’s mood so well. V truly shines with hair that is slightly curled.

| BTS / Facebook

8. Bright copper locks

This bright copper shade flattered V’s features and made for a colorful accessory to his photo shoots and performances, which included the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

| BTS / Facebook

9. Little boy blue in “Boy With Love.”

Best remembered for the “Boy With Love ” era, V’s blue hair color shines as a tribute to that bubblegum feel of the song and the MV.

| BTS / Facebook

10. Straight black hair with full bangs

Even with this basic look, V still shines as he poses for the “Winter Package” photo shoot. His hair looks healthy with a few brown streaks, a good respite from his other hair shades, not that anyone is complaining.

| BTS / Facebook

11. Caramel hair color on wavy locks

This photo trended in a big way on Twitter when it was released to promote “Dynamite.” One of the most iconic looks V ever had, this hairstyle underscored the retro feel of “Dynamite.”

| @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Facebook

| BTS / Facebook

12.  Wild curls with heavy bangs

V looked adorable in this hairstyle, reminiscent of the boy band era in the 90s. The carefree vibe of this haircut brings back fond memories of that era when NSYNC and Boyzone were still the craze.

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Which style is your favorite?