12 Iconic Moments Of J-Hope, That Fans Will NEVER Forget

Check out some of J-Hope’s most iconic moments!

J-Hope has so many “iconic” moments that the list is endless! Here are a few of those iconic moments that fans hold dear to their heart. J-Hope is truly an artist with multiple charms.


1. J-Hope’s “OSACAR”

J-Hope’s “Osaka” chant is strangely addictive…


2. J-Hope’s tears

J-Hope knows how to cry buckets.


3. J-Hope the police

J-Hope’s dance in his police outfit is the perfect balance of humorous and sexy!


4. Dirty J-Hope

Dirty or sexy?


5. Talented J-Hope

J-Hope playing the Titanic song on a recorder with his nose is epic.


6. J-Hope’s handstand

No words are necessary for J-Hope’s handstand!


7. J-Hope’s ping-pong reaction

J-Hope’s reaction after getting hit by Jimin’s powerful ping-pong shot is priceless.


8. J-Hope’s happy birthday to me

No one can deny J-Hope’s unbelievable energy!


9. J-Hope’s first dance practice video

J-Hope’s dance practice videos are always the best but this is the original!


10. J-Hope’s elevator handstand

J-Hope’s hidden camera was truly one of J-Hope’s memorable moments!


11. Sensitive J-Hope

J-Hope broke down watching a video of his family congratulating him on his birthday. This moment is one of fans’ most cherished moments on television that truly shows he loves his family so much! And that he can be super sensitive!


12. Baby J-Hope

As one of J-Hope’s first fancams, the clip shows a much younger-looking J-Hope!