12 Iconic Orange Caramel Outfits Every Veteran Fan Remembers (And New K-Pop Fans Need To Know)

They’re all so creative!

Orange Caramel, the legendary After School unit consisting of members Raina, Nana and Lizzy, were known for their extremely unique concepts. And along with unique concepts, comes unique outfits!

Here are 12 of Orange Caramel’s most iconic outfits. When you see them, you’ll have to admit: you can love them, you can hate them, but you can’t ignore them.

1. Triangle Kimbap


2. Bibimbap


3. Christmas Tree


4. Mackerel-Salmon-Shrimp


5. Rice Cake


6. Pizza

7. Orange


8. Hamburger


9. Jjondeugi Chew (Korean Sweet Potato Chewy Snack)


10. Donut


11. Chobab (Sushi)


12. Ice-Cream Cone


These outfits will always be pure gold!