Here Are 12 K-Artists Who Don’t Accept Fan Gifts Anymore

They want their fans to save their money.

Although fans giving their idols gift are common place (especially during fan signs!), these 12 K-Artists chose to refuse fans gifts.

1. SHINee

Taemin was the first member of SHINee to announce he was no longer accepting fans gifts. Soon, all the members followed suit and announced they would no longer be accepting gifts.


VIXX has stated they refuse gifts from fans and would rather their supporters buy things for themselves.

3. GOT7

From 3 to 7, all groups are from JYP Entertainment. JYP Entertainment does not accept any gifts from fans. They only accept donation certificated, letters, and snacks.


5. DAY6

6. Stray Kids


8. EXO

Not all of the EXO members refuse gifts. The members who refuse to accept gifts are Lay, D.O., Xiumin, Chen, and Sehun. Lay was the first to announce that he would be refusing fan’s gifts, with the others announcing after that they too would no longer accept them.

9. IU

IU has cooly stated that she would not receive gifts from fans and that she has her own money to buy the things she wants. She want her fans to experience happiness by buying gifts for themselves.

10. BTS

The BTS members used to accept gifts, but after consulting one another, they decided it would make them happier if fans spent their money on themselves rather than on them.

11. NCT

NCT is known for being the first SM Entertainment group to have fan gifts sent to them banned. After the members consulted with themselves, they agreed that they would not accept gifts, which led to the ban.

12. AOA

Though AOA used to accept gifts, FNC Entertainment announced they would stop receiving gifts and any attempt would be returned to the sender.

Source: Pann