12 Idols Who Crossed Paths With Ghosts, And Lived To Tell The Tale

These idols weren’t just telling campfire stories.

Almost everyone likes a good ghost-story as long as it’s told around a campfire, but when it comes to facing any kind of specter in the real world, the thought can send shivers down anyone’s spine. While it’s probably not an everyday occurrence (we hope) many idols have had some pretty interesting and downright spooky encounters with ghosts in the past.


1. BTS

After working hard on recording one of their songs, BTS went back to give the recording a listen. The spooky thing was though, that the tapes had been wiped clean like nothing had ever been recorded in the first place!


But that wasn’t the only time the members encountered something a little bit off. When they again tried to record, they paused in the middle to give it a listen. Instead of hearing an empty track where they hit pause, they were greeted by someone’s voice! And the spookiest part? Nobody had talked!



Poor Lisa thought that she saw Rosé pass by her in the hallway…


But soon found out it really couldn’t have been her fellow BLACKPINK member!


And if Lisa wasn’t already sure that she had seen a ghost in the girls’ dorm, the next night she was when she suddenly found herself face-to-face with a mysterious man!


3. Jiae (Lovelyz)

Jiae is a known sleepwalker and while that can be spine-tingling as it is…


Her other members once revealed that she sometimes talks to other people who aren’t there when she does it!


4. HyunA

While this picture of Hyuna seems normal enough at first glance…


Some fans noticed this creepy face standing beside her!


5. Jo Kwon (2AM)

HyunA’s not the only idol to randomly have a ghostly face make an appearance next to them.


Because Jo Kwon did too!



TEEN TOP once took some photos with their logo. While fans cheered them on and left plenty of heart-warming messages, some people noticed a strange face lurking in the window! As shiver-inducing as it is, at least it was seen as a good sign for the group’s comeback at the time!


7. Sana (TWICE)

One time when Sana was still a trainee, she encountered another trainee friend of hers in a practice room. But when her friend didn’t greet her, Sana thought it was a little bit odd and when she turned around no one was there!


At that same time, Sana heard a scream behind her. Momo had seen her own ghostly apparition of someone’s lower body sitting in a chair. Just the lower body, no head or torso!


8. Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

Sleep paralysis is one thing but when Sunny was stuck tight, she saw a mysterious female at the end of her bed. One who was shaking it and making Sunny dizzy!


9. Kiseop (formerly of U-KISS)

You know how your bed tends to dip if anyone sits on it?


Well, this happened to Kiseop at a hotel in Malaysia. The only problem was that there was no one else in the room with him at the time!


10. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Moonbyul thought Hwasa was eating her candy late at night…but Hwasa was in her hometown that night and couldn’t have possibly come back to the dorm at the time!


11. Minhyuk (MONSTA X)

As a trainee, Minhyuk along with Hyungwon and some other trainees decided to tell each other ghost stories late at night in a practice room.


But they probably weren’t expecting to see something completely unexplainable in the practice room mirrors!


12. Jinyoung (B1A4)

Turns out friendly ghosts like Casper really do exist! Jinyoung once encountered a spirit that wanted to show him he understood that Jinyoung was in pain. And Sandeul also experienced this encounter at the same time so both of them know it wasn’t just some kind of dream. Now the two of them have great respect for specters.