12 Idols Had Enough Of Their Haters, And Completely Fired Back At Them Online

The trolls will be staying under their bridges after this.

Idols are often subject to some pretty nasty comments that can be crude, rude, and downright offensive. While some idols don’t have time for any of those trolls, other idols have decided these haters need to be taught a lesson and have clapped back in some absolutely brilliant ways.

1. CL’s sassy remark

CL once posted a mysterious Instagram post with the caption that read, #icouldmakeahaterfamousyah. Some people believe that the post was in response to the way model Kim Jin Kyung reacted to someone telling her she looked like the CL. While we’ll never really know what that post was about, it’s still an epic clapback at anyone that dares to throw shade at CL!

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2. Suzy’s cool approach

When one anti-fan repeatedly mentioned Suzy on Twitter and sent out several tweets wishing death upon the star, Suzy came back with one of the best answers ever. Instead of chewing them out she left a simple and cool message that left her hater absolutely speechless.

Hater: I hope you get banished from the industry! Just die in a car accident
Hater: You idiot… I hope you die in a car accident
Suzy: I see you want me to die

3. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon isn’t putting up with any trolls

Taeyeon wasn’t going to take the hate laying down when one troll decided to criticize her for responding to one of EXO Baekhyun‘s Instagram posts. The troll claimed that she had done so just to cause controversy and gain some attention. Taeyeon wasn’t having any of it and came back with, “Are you not talking about yourself?

Of course, there was also that time when a hater left a comment on one of her photos that claimed she was completely plastic and Taeyeon came back with, “Ok, look in the mirror.”


Not to mention the way she handled the whole Twitter fight with Wiz Khalifa!

4. When Jo Kwon was so not down for any homophobic comments

One time Jo Kwon hung out with Hong Suk Chun who is a well-known gay celebrity and the two of them ended up taking a picture together. Both parties posted a picture of their selfie together to their Instagrams but Jo Kwon was soon flooded with a number of homophobic comments on his page. Instead of letting it pass he wrote a long message letting everyone know exactly what he thought of the trolls.

That side or this side, or whatever side. Is there a problem? If I go there, am I on ‘that side?’ Excuse me. It’s 2018. I usually don’t care about what haters say but when I see haters come with their fake accounts to be used for spying and leaving hateful comments, I seriously have to ask, ‘Did I ever cause you any trouble?’

Celebrities are people too. I hope you learn to see the world from a broader perspective and realize that there are people who look like this and that, who act like this and that, and who prefer this or that. You should probably learn how to respect others. Everyone deserves to be loved and respected. If they haven’t done anything to you, leave them alone and go on with your life. Live a better life. Just don’t ever come back to my feed of rainbows and cloud all over it.

— Jo Kwon

5. Former After School member Lizzy’s epic response

Under one picture Lizzy had posted to Instagram, one person thought she looked a little different and decided to leave a comment hinting that Lizzy had plastic surgery. A few responses later and Lizzy came back with an epic response that we can’t help but love!

6. That time Jessi totally roasted her hater

In 2015, netizens were giving Jessi all kinds of trouble because of her more risque concepts. One comment actually asked why Jessi came to South Korea and Jessi came back with “To sing, asshole.” Just goes to show that Jessi isn’t going to put up with anybody’s hate.

7. DAY6 Jae’s haters aren’t really haters

We all know that Jae has some absolutely awesome comebacks for questions posed to him on Twitter and that extends to how he deals with haters. One user asked him to give a shout out to his haters but instead, he told the Twitter user they were confused because he doesn’t have any haters, just confused fans! Way to go Jae!

8. When SEVENTEEN took down their haters

The boys used to do a show for AfreecaTV and on one episode dealt with a few different haters. First, they had some words for those people that called them ugly.

Then they majorly clapped back at those people who kept making jokes about their group name.

9. Dasom’s kicking people off her Instagram

When Dasom received a ton of negative comments on one of her Instagram posts, she told them exactly what she thought of their comments and told them to stop because it was her Instagram, not theirs!

10. Jay Park’s response to one troll

After Jay Park was called out and disrespected by one of Cakeshop‘s owners in a video, he wrote back with a pretty savage remark and a screenshot from the video. Not only that, but other AOMG artists also spoke out in support for Jay Park!

11. GOT7 BamBam’s not letting trolls get away with anything

BamBam once posted a picture of himself with Mark‘s dad to Twitter and captioned it with, “Back in LA to see my Daddy.

Unfortunately for him many people were a bit obsessed into turning it into a sexual thing and kept leaving comments of that nature. This prompted BamBam to take to Twitter and leave some comments of his own!

12. f(x) Amber’s best response ever

Amber probably had the most creative comeback to all the hate comments she’s received over the years. Instead of letting things go, she decided to create a totally snarky and comic video that is truly a brilliant response to all her haters

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